World Sexual Purity day: An inside look

November 15, 2016

In the 21st century today, having sex is not considered a big deal. In the days of our parents, it was almost an abomination for a woman’s pant lines to show or her bra strap, similarly, men couldn’t dare show their boxers. But these days, it’s a totally different scenario. Ladies wear extremely revealing clothes and in some cases, they do not even wear any underwear.

One can just meet up a guy or a girl and have drinks and before you know it, they are already in between the sheets. Sexual purity in the world today is so complex. The reason for this isn’t far fetched. Most people see and define Sexual purity very differently. To help in understanding this, we took out time to talk to youths and ask them what their understanding of Sexual purity is. The names have been changed due to confidentiality. A student, Adeola said it means nothing to her. She was so blunt as she boldly said

Sexual purity is nothing to me. It’s over hyped. I don’t believe in such crap because it’s only hypocrites who make so much fuss about it, besides, I’ve had sex uncountable times”.

Another one, Seun said

“I think Sexual purity has to do with only penetrative sex. I’ve never had oral sex or any type of sex, however I kiss and do other things. I can boldly say I’m a virgin. For example, I have never had sex before, however, I’ve kissed my boyfriend, he has romanced my breasts and sucked my nipples while we were making out, however we haven’t had sex before. He hasn’t even seen my vagina.”


The world sexual purity day is a celebration of the grace which has been given to humanity to live above the sexual temptations and immoralities which the world is facing. It is celebrated every November 14th to create more awareness on God’s value on being righteous and graceful when it comes to being pure. All these include fornication, casual sex, pornography, adultery among others. It’s a way to encourage the youths to be pure, celibate and remain virgins. Sex in itself is meant for married couples alone. When you have sex with somebody, you and the person become ONE. That is the reason why God said sex must be within marriage and between a man and a woman(not a man and a man or a woman and a woman)

Some have battles with Sexual sin; they fall and rise again, some have never tried it, some are torn whether or not to try it. Whatever the case may be, one thing remains certain. It is a thing of the mind and do the heart. One can’t be forced or coerced into engaging in it.

No matter what is happening in the world today, how developed the world is, sex outside marriage would ever remain wrong. God can’t change his mind about it. The judgment remains the same all through generations to come. Parents, schools, churches, Mosque and other organisations should try and help and guide the youths into doing what is right and not engage in it. It can’t really help them. Honour God with your mind, soul and most importantly, your BODY. It’s an active choice we make every day. It implies to our actions, activities and attitudes.

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