World Cancer Day ‘I am and I will’.

February 4, 2020

Today is world cancer day! It is a day set apart every year to raise awareness about the scary disease that is cancer, prevention methods, treatments, and to provide education to people…Simply put, cancer is the abnormal growth of cells anywhere in the body.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 24.6 million people live with cancer worldwide and at least 17 people die every minute from cancer. Although there has been no concrete evidence on what causes/triggers the disease, some predisposing factors such as smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, drinking of alcohol, air pollution, exposure to excessive radiation, viruses, genetic/hereditary factors among others have been pointed out.

Here are a few tips on how to prevent cancer

1.Don’t use tobacco: using any type of tobacco puts you in a collision course with cancer.
2.Eat a healthy diet
3.maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly

4. Protect yourself from the sun
5.Get vaccinated
6.Have regular medical checkups

More importantly, let us raise our collective voices to support this course.

No action is insignificant.
Let’s reach out to our loved ones going through and also say a prayer for someone going through today and those involved in one form of research or the other to see that this fight is won.
Don’t get scared to go for a check up.
Ladies please do the routine breast check from time to time.
Pay attention to children as well.
God help us all. 🙏

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