When you should start getting worried – Boys

May 18, 2018

Children need to be closely monitored and supervised no matter their age and sex. As parents, its paramount to think and care about the well being and development of your child or children regardless of the age and sex.

The responsibility lies with their parents not just mothers but fathers as well. We cant be leaving our kids to the hands of nannies and house helps they are there to support and assist and not to be in control as you would find in some households.

So that you dont get unnecessarily worked up with worries on your sons or boys , here are some few things things to take note of when it comes to the male or boy child

  • When your child is sick. Running temperature, vomiting, bleeding or complain of unusual pain in any part of his body. never take anything for granted please
  • When your son is withdrawn, depressed, secretive, disobedient and doesn’t interact or play with others
  • When your sons developmental milestone is delayed
  • When he shows resistance or he is scared of someone or some people in particular
  • If you notice scratches , marks on his body or pain when touched
  • Unusual behaviour, words, gesture, actions and friends he keeps
  • When is overwhelmed with peer pressure
  • Inappropriate dressing, unusual cash flow, social media addiction, pornography or behaviour related to LGBT ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)
  • Regression in school work
  • When he is not curious or asking questions about his masculinity, boys, sex etc.

Children and even male kids are vulnerable citizen of any country..  Parents have to develop a relationship with their sons so that they can always confide in them at any time or situation.



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