Watch it ladies! Those stretch marks creams could be dangerous

December 30, 2016

How possible is it not to have any stretch marks on any part of our body. Once these tread-like marks show up, the quest to find something, anything to get rid of them begins. Most ladies especially can’t stand it, so as a result of this they look for anything, from creams to pills just to ensure the stretch marks disappear.

Due to the quest for women to get rid of the stretch marks, bogus products for stretch marks abound in the market. However, this could be dangerous as a medical practitioner at the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, Abuja, Dr. Arikawe Adeolu, has warned that complications and skin damage could arise when someone obtains treatment for stretch marks from quacks. Rather, he urged people to seek medical advice before choosing methods of treatment for stretch marks.

There are many different products available for stretch mark prevention and removal, but how do you know which is best? One easy way to take certain products out of consideration is to check the list of ingredients for chemicals that are unsafe, untested, or ineffective.


The following three common stretch mark cream ingredients have been shown in scientific studies to be harmful—particularly to pregnant mothers. If you find that a cream you’re considering has one of these ingredients listed, it’s best to avoid that product altogether so as to avoid any side effects.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

It has been touted as a fix for many skin issues like stretch marks, eczema, and acne. While it is said that grapefruit seed extract tones the skin and heals skin issues, there have not been many studies proving its effectiveness for these uses. In fact, one study performed by the American Botanical Council in Austin, Texas, found that what was being called grapefruit seed extract in several products was actually a chemically-altered derivative that could no longer be considered a natural supplement.

The other chemicals found in the products tested were not called out in their ingredients. Due to the fact that there is no evidence that grapefruit seed extract works for treating stretch marks and because products containing it may contain other potentially unsafe and untested chemicals, it’s best to avoid stretch mark creams containing grapefruit seed extract.


Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE)

DMAE is a chemical sometimes used in anti-aging creams because of its ability to increase skin firmness and reduce the visibility of age spots. Due to the same properties, it can be effective in reducing the visibility of or removing stretch marks. However, some studies have shown that DMAE has adverse effects on embryo development, so it is best for pregnant women and women trying to conceive to totally avoid this chemical in their stretch mark prevention or removal creams.

Almond Oil

We tend to trust supplements touted as “natural,” but most times, these natural supplements are untested and can cause unintended side effects. Almond oil is one example of this. While almond oil is naturally occurring and can soften the skin and prevent stretch marks, a study performed in Italy found that women who had applied almond oil to their stomachs during pregnancy were twice as likely to go into labor prematurely than women who did not. For this reason, it is best for pregnant women to avoid stretch mark prevention creams that contain almond oil.


Before using any stretch mark cream, make sure to talk to your doctor. Your doctor would determine whether or not the product is safe, especially if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive. Many stretch mark creams and lotions contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E. They all help to promote cell development, increase skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

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