If you were in this situation what would you do?

December 16, 2017

How would you feel if your husband said THIS about you?

How many times have you been with other women when it started: the husband complaining. The comments on how he always leaves his clothes out, or how he’s like having another child to look after.

Consider those circumstances as you listen to the comments Mrs Dumebi overheard her husband say about her.

Dumebi, her husband and her two children were at a friend’s child birthday party  when she overheard one of her husband’s “friends” start talking about her and the third child they were expecting. The couple both worked, whereas Dumebi is a stay-at-home mum.


She describes the conversation:


“‘Wow another pregnancy! Geez I hope you guys can afford it…’ bla bla bla backhanded insults and my husband was polite and kept his cool and answered their questions … and then they said ‘gosh it must be boring being at home all day, what does she do all day? I guess she’s not going back to work? Must be nice’ and they giggled to each other with their stupid faces.”


Furious, Dumebi was about to “march over and give them a piece of mind,” but then she heard what her husband, Emeka  said.


“‘Actually my wife works very hard. She never stops. Her job is 24 hours 7 days a week. She doesn’t get a break, actually she never stops. She’s doing activities with the kids while cooking dinner with the other hand. If she ever quit being a mother, we wouldn’t survive. We would all be a mess. She keeps us all going and she never asks for anything, she does it all out of love.’


“He looked over at me while I had tears in my eyes and said,


“‘She’s also very smart, very strong and an amazing mother, and she also juggled the tough job of motherhood and study, so maybe one day she will go and work AND do the amazing job she does as a mother… she will run rings around all of us that’s for sure.’


“And winked at me.”


Are you saying such encouraging things about your husband? If you were in this situation and it was reversed would you stand up for him?


Those things you say about your husband matter – even if he will never hear them.

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