Tips for a nice Wedding with limited Budget

May 26, 2019

Weddings are investments that are planned for not just by the parents but the couples. In African/Nigerian culture the parents of couples usually take care of most wedding cost especially catering.

Nevertheless couples also have to contribute and cannot leave everything to their parents. Most couples will like to take care of decoration, wedding outfits, entertainment etc.

Couples are always advised not to use all their savings on wedding ceremony as they will still have other expenses after the weeding and as they begin their life

So we will like to give tips son having a nice wedding on a limited budget:

  1. Be ready to make a small to medium number of guests.. it really starts with this… how many guest do you want… 50, 100, 200… will it be an open wedding or strictly be invitation…..invitation admits. couples need to agree on this first…. both couples need to draw up a list and conclude on number of guests. Remember if you arrived for instance at least of 100 guest… you will have to make provision for at least 200 guest especially if its an open wedding.
  2. Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts. …or you can also do a wedding Gift wish list for those that  still want to get you a gift.. your wedding gift wish list will be items you will need especially after the wedding
  3. Look for a reasonable venue for your event ….this will be determined by the number of guest arrived on, the time/ month of the wedding….  do your search on time so you can book ahead…. especially if its an indoor venue.. outdoor venues are usually cheap so consider weather issues if you want an outdoor event. Look for people you may know or who may now the owners of venue so they help with a good discounted rates or bargain

Do stay tuned for more tips and continuation of saving for  your wedding event




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