December 11, 2016

Marriages are never perfect and anyone that tells you he or she has a perfect marriage is not being truthful. As humans, we are not perfect so how easy can a marriage be perfect. Two individuals with different personality’s living together. There will be conflicts, misunderstanding especially in the first 1 – 3 years of adjustment.

Marriage can be compared with life with its ups and downs. The blatant fact is that couples need to jointly work on their relationships to make it successful. One of the things that couples should take note seriously is not involving a 3rd party in their marriage.  Third parties includes friends, relatives etc as the case of Angela Jolie and Prad pit. As reported by sun, two ‘WITCHES’ accused of ‘meddling in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s picture-perfect marriage’

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According to a report in the Sun, the Hollywood hunk and his sex siren partner were driven apart by two political advisors branded ‘witches’ for their meddling behaviour.

It’s claimed that Baroness Arminka Helic, 48, and former William Hague adviser Chloe Dalton, 37, drove a wedge between Brangelina after the actress worked with them on philanthropic UN efforts.

The trio are already the directors of company, JP.D.H London, which is an acronym of their initials — the Jolie Pitt Dalton Helic foundation.

But it’s now claimed that the political feminists slowly turned Angelina away from Brad – and into their clique, often ‘whispering in her ear and never being out of her company’.

A long-time member of Brad and Angelina’s staff told The Sun: “The three are in cahoots together and it’s Brad who loses out. It’s very easy to get caught in Angelina’s web for Chloe and Arminka. Angelina is a seductress of the highest order.

In addition, another pal suggested that the trio are also actively trying to alienate Brad and disenfranchise him as a father. They said: “I think their end game is to support Angelina and they don’t pay enough regard to the impact it will have on Brad’s life.”

A third added: “If you went up to most people who work with the family anywhere around the world and you mentioned the nickname two witches, everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about.”

Helic and Dalton, who both live very close to one another in London, first began working with Jolie in 2012 but are said to have quickly become heavily embroiled in the star’s personal life.

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  • Third party not good in marriages. good one.

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