Things you can do while staying at home. (For men only)

April 7, 2020

  1. Help with the laundry. This helps to relieve stress as it will make Madam happy.
  2. Do the dishes. This one keeps you and the family going as your labour will be highly appreciated by all.
  3. Make breakfast for the family. Even if it’s only noodles, it will suffice.
  4. Pound yam in the evening. This is healthier than hanging out with friends.
  5. Wash the car(s). Good exercise for the body.
  6. Water the flowers. Enables the intake of fresh air.
  7. Read a novel. A chapter at a time will do.
  8. Clear the drainage. This early morning exercise is good for the waist.
  9. Tell the children stories. You can mix fiction with reality when you run out of ideas afterall stories are not meant to be true.
  10. Don’t forget the cobwebs.
    This one helps you to stretch your neck and arms.

Thank me later.

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