May 10, 2020

Every year, I never looked forward to the following occasions or moments:-

  • My wedding anniversary
  • Mother’s day
  • Birthdays
  • Monthly period

Monitoring ovulation and being anxious and excited when I was a few days late.. I remember I will be so anxious and would use a pregnancy strip only to get a negative report. When I heard that anxiety can affect pregnancy, I will brace up and not doing anything when late ….will wait and then after like a week when I feel yes its time, my period will just start… I hated to see it every month…I was never looking forward to it.

Going for other peoples naming or children’s celebration was never easy, I look back then and don’t understand how and where I got the nerve and strength to do so…

I guess with the passing years, one kind of get used to it…but here is the good news…when you leave the waiting room, all the years become like a smoke that fades away with some wind.

Gradually fading away, the bad memories, the pain, anxiety and worries. Its just a waiting room…… it’s a phase and you will pass.

You may find it hard to believe especially if you are going through a lot….but it’s so true….i have and so many people I know have passed through it to the delivery room.

So stay positive, be happy, trust in God, take action, prepare and be ready

Happy Mother’s day now and always


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