A spouse is not a punching bag! – Omoni Oboli on domestic violence

March 16, 2017


Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli has given her own two cents on domestic violence and her advice should be taken to heart.

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Omoni Oboli with her husband Nnamdi.

Talented Nollywood actress and producer Omoni Oboli used her Instagram platform to speak out against domestic violence and advice that ‘a spouse is not a punching bag’.

She started the post with praise for her husband of 17 years, Nnamdi Oboli, thanking him for loving her flaws, then she dived into her advice.


The couple have been married for 17 years with no major complaints.

She said: “We are not perfect…but our love is perfect. We are totally flawed but love covers a multitude of sins. Nnamdi Oboli, thanks for loving an imperfect me!”

“Now, the reason for this post is there’s no reason to hit a spouse or a partner. There’s no scenario where it’s excusable. If your spouse is upsetting you at any point and you feel you can’t take it, walk away! Wetin?!”


The happy couple have three handsome sons.

“A spouse is not a punching bag! This applies to both men and women.One day, that play will lead to someone’s death. Please, I’m begging you, if you are guilty of this, cease!!! Stop it now! While, I’m not an advocate for divorce, Pls speak up if you are a victim. Don’t keep quiet to your grave. May God help us all”

Since Tonto Dike’s revealing interview, more actresses and celebrities are also speaking out an this has really helped create more awareness and emphasize the urgency for victims to seek help.

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