Special lifestyle for awaiting, pregnant, nursing mums

March 29, 2019

Lifestyle is your way of life..it involves mental and physical lifestyles

Women neglect their mental lifestyle. And the mental lifestyle is so important as  this involves the brain which controls everything.

A good healthy lifestyle is important for conception, pregnancy and nursing.

Its the responsibility of women as home makers to ensure your partner, kids also adopt a good lifestyle…

Here is an example of a healthy lifestyle For Awaiting moms

1) Wake up, meditate, pray

2) Drink 1 – 2 glasses of warm water ..lemon water.. exercise for at least 30mins 3 – 4 times a week.

3) Eat fruits on empty stomach e.g. apple, watermelon dont skip breakfast ..eat small portions of food 3 to 5 times a day ..dont skip breakfast….oats, smoothie, avoid bread as much as you can

4) keep hydrated all day..no cold water please..eat lots of vegetables, protein like cabbage, cucumber, carrots, spinach, beans, little starch like rice, potatoes, etc

5) Eat dinner before 7pm and try and eat something light towards the evening for easier digestion

6) Sleep for 7 to 8 hours..go for regular medical checkups..rest, relax, stay positive

7) Surround yourself with good people who encourages and helps you always..

8) Avoid sugary, canned and processed foods… do a fruit fast or cleanse once a week… bitter leaf water is good for cleansing..

The lifestyle once adopted will make your pregnancy and nursing journey safer.

The good news is that Hey Baby a unique 5 in 1 journal and guide for awaiting, pregnancy and nursing moms has all these and so much more for a safe and memorable motherhood journey.

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