Saudi Police arrest father who molest infant daughter  

January 16, 2017

A Saudi man who was seen slapping his infant daughter and violently shaking her has been arrested in Medina.


Saudi police arrest father who was seen slapping his infant daughter (video/photos)

The 29-year-old man was arrested after his divorced wife, Nareeman, posted a video of the man torturing their infant daughter on twitter. She begged people for assistance to rescue her daughter, Dareen, from the torture inflicted by her dad.

She wrote: “I urge every official and every lawyer to protect my daughter from torture.”

The Saudi authorities saw the video after it went viral and asked the mother to contact them in order to help end the baby’s terrifying ordeal.


Nareeman said she was married to her husband for four years. She said:”The marriage was approved by both our families and last four years. We had our baby daughter three months ago. I discovered that he never authenticated our marriage contract, which meant that I had no rights.”

“As I insisted, he divorced me and kept our daughter in his custody after the father threatened her. He started torturing her and sent me clips to put extra emotional pressure on me.”

She asked for protection for her baby and for herself as well as her rights from the marriage.

An official from the labour and social development ministry said the baby was taken away from her paternal grandfather’s home in Makkah and transferred to the home for the protection of children.


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