How  To Propose To A Man (Be Sure He’ll Say Yes)

January 31, 2018

When it comes down to who should propose, men have always been attached with playing the role of being the one to kneel with a ring in front of his lady. But  it shouldn’t always be the man to propose, if you love him enough and you are ready to spend the rest of your life with him then you should be ready to pop the question if he hasn’t. Most ladies are shy when it comes to doing this but there some bold ladies who go all the way out to propose to their man.. “I doff my heart for una!” …lol .. it takes courage.

Don’t be alarmed because there is no embarrassment, no shame, and nothing wrong with proposing to your boyfriend, so let’s get that out of the way. Below are 7 easy steps to follow if you want to propose to your boyfriend and get a YES!

  1. Be Sure You’re Ready

First things first. Take your relationship’s temperature: Is it truly time to make it official? If you’re still feeling significant uncertainty, concentrate on strengthening your relationship first. If you two are the model of a marriage-ready couple, forge ahead.

  1. Be Honest About Your Motives

Don’t propose because you want to see where your relationship stands. If you don’t know, wise up: Alarm bells, not wedding bells, are what you’re hearing in your head. Never propose out of desperation for feedback; resorting to this type of ultimatum on such an important issue means you’re not ready to tie the knot.You should ask only when you’re positive he’ll say yes.

  1. Be Sensitive to what he likes

If you know your boyfriend is the shy type but because you are willing to pull off a proposal you want to trend or go viral on social media and you go ahead to propose in the Mall or an overcrowded location. Aunty!.. I am sorry, you are likely going to get a NO and be left hanging on your kneels. So if he is the shy type, pop the question in a quiet place with limited number of people or just do it when you both are alone. But if you are totally sure he is cool and comfortable with public places. Go ahead!

  1. Be Sensitive to His Ego

Kudos to you for being the first to pledge faith in your future together, but keep in mind that he may be a little disappointed that you stole his thunder, whether he was planning a proposal or not. If this is the case, remind him that your proposal doesn’t mean he can’t ask you back when he’s ready (with a ring)!

  1. Think Unique

Plan a proposal with your shared history in mind. Choose a meaningful day, significant location and theme, for example, and be very attentive to details. Take the time to make it special and personal so that he’ll feel cherished and understood — and realize that you’re taking this idea very seriously!

  1. Keep It Simple

Keep it simple so that you don’t get distracted by too many details. The point is to enjoy the moment! After all, where and how you propose is important, but in truth, you will be all your sweetie sees when you ask, whether you’re sitting in a restaurant having dinner or probably in the mall.

  1. Plan for Success & hope for the best

Be smart about the logistics: Plan ahead, have contingency plans in case Mother Nature or traffic decide to wreak havoc, and choose a day and time of day when he’ll be relaxed, and far from any looming deadlines at work.

It’s also smart to check and double-check reservations (restaurants, hotels) and, if you’ve recruited friends or family to help you, to be sure that they understand their “lines” or roles in the event. Good Luck!


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