Preventive fire Tips in homes and Small Businesses

December 28, 2016

The harmattan or dry season brings a lot of unwanted issues apart from the dust, dryness and health issues there are also increased cases of fire outbreak.

Usually in the work place, there are standards and precautions that are taken but there is a lot of negligence in our homes and small business environment.

Smoke Alarms dramatically Reduce Fatalities however, working smoke alarms cut the chances of dying in a house fire in half – but only if they’re fully operational.

Three children from the same parent, have died after they were burnt beyond recognition in a fire outbreak at their home in Ikotun Egbe, a surburb in Lagos state. The children identified as Chiamaka, Emmanuel and Chiagozie Ifediba, died today after they were severely burnt in the fire incident that occurred yesterday December 27th. The deceased and their widowed mother lived in a single room.

According to neighbors, there was a power surge at about 11pm which sparked a fire that engulfed the room. Their mother was not at home when the incident happened. The neighbors who were initially concerned about their properties,  joined forces, broke the window of the house and rescued the children. However one died as they arrived the hospital while the other two died today.


Here are the following tips to keep your home or Small business safe from fire:

  • Install both types of smoke alarms (ionization and photoelectric) and carbon monoxide alarms; change the batteries at least once a year in these devices
  • Have at least 2 fire extinguisher placed closed to your kitchen or electric panel area or generator area. Ensure its checked once or twice a year
  • Learn how to use your fire extinguisher, including your domestic and business staff
  • Plan – and practice – an escape route and agree on a meeting place outside of your home; be prepared to assist young children, family members with special needs and pets
  • Homes should have at least 2 doors for entry and exist and if possible all windows should not have burglary proof or protectors
  • Know two ways out of every room in the home
  • If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop and roll
  • When evacuating, if door handles are hot, pick an alternate route; learn two ways out of every room
  • Leave your house and call for help; do not go back to help someone else
  • Insure your home or business especially if its owned by you
  • house-fire

Extra Precautions to Keep Children Safe

  • Keep children 3 feet away from anything hot, like candles, space heaters and stove-tops
  • Keep smoking materials locked up in a high place; never leave cigarette lighters or matches where children can reach them
  • Never play with lighters or matches when you are with your children; they may try to imitate you
  • Fire Drill: Step by Step instructions for doing a home or small office fire drill
    • Games to make the experience memorable for kids
    • Worksheet to help you draw a floor plan of your home
    • Video of a fire drill in action
    • Family pledge to practice a home fire drill twice a year
    • Downloadable fire safety resources to share with friends and family

Source: National Safety Council

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