Nigerian beautiful Identical twins wed on same day

May 12, 2017

Beautiful Identical twins, Mary and Margaret Makinwa marry childhood friends, Ayodeji and Oyeyinka, on the same day The wedding which was tagged #TKAY ’17 saw Taiwo getting married to Ayodeji, while Kehinde got married to Oyeyinka.


It was gathered that it was an emotional time when the brides’ father had a bridal dance with his daughters and he could not control his emotions. Also the mothers of the grooms added colour to the beautiful wedding which took place in Osun state.

The birthrate for twins has increased 76% since 1980, an uptick that some experts attribute to older women having children (women in their thirties are more likely than women in their twenties to have twins).

Check out their photos below: Taiwo and Kenny Identical twins wed on same day





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