MCM : Timi Dakolo Nigerian Singer, Family man

September 25, 2017

Our Man Crush Monday  (MCM) is no other person than Timi Dakolo.

Timi Dakolo (born January 20, 1981) is a Nigerian singer. He emerged winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007. Timi started singing in church at the age of twelve and ever since then, his music career has been growing rapidly. He’s one of the most sought after vocalists in Africa, especially after his smash hit “Iyawo mi” which he received massive airplay for a very long time. Till today, it’s a favourite wedding tune.


He got married to Busola (nee Amupitan) in 2010. She has been his muse in almost all his music videos. In four years, they had three children (two pretty girls and a boy) and they revealed that they won’t be having any more kids. Busola says her husband is a very decent and God fearing man and they pray together. When Timi has an inspiration for a new song, he consults with wife. And this makes her very happy. Despite the fact that the he is very famous, Timi is a very humble man. He never acts with pride or arrogance.

The couple have a bit of a grudge against each other. Busola Dakolo says that her husband talks a lot with her on the phone and spends so much time on social media. She added that she would prefer it if they spent more time together in real life. When it comes to matters of money, they trust each other completely and do not feel the need to show proof of how they are spending money. They do not have a joint account, but there is a monthly budget. If necessary, they support each other, but basically, everyone spends his own money on whatever individual or family needs exist.


He prefers to spend time at home with his family, watching football(he’s a diehard Arsenal fan) and writing music. He is a family man to the core and would rather spend time with his family, rather than talk to journalists or attend shows. When the singer is in a bad mood, he is unable to create new songs. So he needs to make sure there’s peace in his home so he can do his work. Busola is very understanding, supportive, and when necessary, gives him his space to work.


He calls his family his “yard people” and never fails to flaunt their happiness on social media as he says they bring him so much joy. We wish them a fulfilling and happy marriage filled with all the love they can never imagine.



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