Meet FAB Kid Siblings, Damilola and Sijibomi

July 29, 2018

The sibling relationship is one of the longest and most important relationship in the life of someone. Sibling love is one of the greatest representation of true family love.

The Family is the foundation of every one on earth as we all come from and grew up in a family. it is therefore critical as parents to ensure the sibling relationship of our kids is and will remain positive always.

Here are some few tips that can help

  1. Play as a Family: This strengthens the family unit and kids that are taught  to value the family as a whole also learn to value their siblings more.  Have a dedicated family play time that engages all family members, kids and parents.
  2. Positive Parenting: Practicing positive parenting on our kids is  critical. Continued negative parenting practices like shouting, yelling, over punishment can have a detrimental effect on their well being. And did you know that it can lead to older children imitation this and using it to bullying their younger ones?  Therefore practicing positive parenting techniques fosters a healthy  Parent – Child relationship and also a respectful sibling relationships.

We will be sharing more tips in the next few so stay tuned . In the meantime check out our FAB handsome Sibling brothers for this week.


Name: OluwaDamilola Fasoro
Class: Grade 1
Best Sport: Riding my bicycle
Best  subject: Phonics
Hobbies: Dami likes to sing
Best music instrument: Playing the piano
Ambition: Pilot

Name: Oluwasijibomi fasoro
Class: Grade 3
Best Sport: Football
Best  subject: Science
Hobbies: Playing monopoly
Best music instrument: Saxophone
Ambition: Structural Engineer



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