September 11, 2017

class 1991


Our MCM is no other than the Nigerian Movie star and former commissioner for Culture and Tourism Richard Mofe Damijo Popularly known as RMD. He is an Urhobo man, handsome, famous and down to earth: Richard Mofe Damijo is 56 and is in such good shape, you could never guess his age rightly! He is aging like fine wine! Graduated with a degree in Theatre arts and also bagged himself, a degree in Law from the University of Lagos.

He is a description of a 360 man; He has an amazing career and a he is also a great husband and father. You know being a father is a very tasking job, because you do not only have to take care of your kids and provide for them, you do not only need to love your wife and be there for her. But you need them to see you as a Role model, as their Superman.

This is why we have to give ‘’Twale’’ to the men that have been great husbands and also been great fathers!

One last fact; do you know that RMD is also a Grandfather? He just has to be our MCM! No one else!

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