The life of a teenage student girl in Nigeria

October 2, 2017

Yes, times are hard these days but it’s even amazing how some young girls in Nigeria live every day. We really never know the extent of how the economic realities affect young children.

It’s even harder on them at their young ages they behave and act more as adults.

A few days ago I went for a Wimbiz (Women in Business) Big Sister Initiative where over 300 girls in JSS 3 were trained in Lagos on Career/entrepreneurship, goal setting, Financial literacy, Grooming,  Building and self –confidence.

I was privileged to speak to about 30 girls of  a high school in Surulere on Financial literacy and was shocked to learn what and how they have been earning money. A couple of these young girls after school and weekends are working throughout.

They are young entrepreneurs involved in makeup, tailoring, hair making, frying bean cakes (Akara) etc.  You now wonder when they actually have time to study, rest, relax like girls of their own age.


It was also surprising that they were intelligent, clever and well informed balancing school and business life. As a young teenage girl, its a major task on its own and being successful in both is a major achievement.

I remember as a young girl I only did holiday jobs during vacation not during school season.

These young girls are therefore brave, courageous, hardworking and skillful. Enrolling them for a good mentoring program will go a long away in helping them to be successful in their school and family life.

Let’s all support and adopt a young girl for mentorship in every opportunity we have.

They are indeed the future leaders of tomorrow!

#Empower and mentor a girl today!




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