Housewife beaten mercilessly by husband for investing family savings in MMM

November 17, 2016

Earlier in the week, we discussed the MMM scheme and the dangers of engaging in the fraudulent pyramid scheme. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have also warned Nigerians severely to avoid the MMM scheme. However, all these pleas and warnings have heeded on deaf ears.

In Lagos, one Mrs Ogenyi, was beaten up by her husband for investing the family savings in the fraudulent scheme. The couple lives on Balogun Street, Iyana Ipaja in Lagos state. The man, Mr Ogenyi was said to have returned from a trip from his home town in Benue State. After he got home, he noticed that the family saving box was missing. His son, Oche informed him after he inquired and said she went out and hadn’t returned. He later found the savings box in the wardrobe. The box was completely broken and empty.


According to daily posts, an unidentified tenant said when Mrs Ogenyi returned, she was surprised to see her husband at home because he usually took about a month before he returned. After he confronted her, she confessed to have invested the money in MMM. The amount she invested was about #86,000. The money was put together for a new accommodation they wanted to acquire. Provoked by this, he beat her blue black. To keep neighbours from coming to her rescue, he locked the door of the room. The woman was left unconscious with their son. He later fled the room. Mrs Ogenyi is in the hospital at the moment battling her life.

With Mrs Ogenyi being in a critical condition in the hospital, it is safe to say that her husband wasn’t justified to beat her up. Worst case scenario, he could have reported her to her parents. He is faced with the risk of serving jail terms if his wife dies. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Couples need to be careful and opened to each in a marriage relationship. Controlling anger is a skill that must be learnt by both couples to have and maintain a peaceful and happy home.

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  • and people are making it big in mmm.

    igwe December 10, 2016 4:37 pm Reply

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