April 2, 2020

The coronavirus epidemic is causing increased stress and anxiety, , particularly people wit

The corona virus epidemic is causing increased stress and anxiety, , particularly people with existing mental health problems, practitioners and campaigners have said.

Reactions to the crisis can include feeling overwhelmed, fearful, sad, angry and helpless, according to experts. Some people may have difficulty sleeping or concentrating. Fear of contact with others, travelling on public transport or going into public spaces may increase, and some people will have physical symptoms, such as an increased heart rate or upset stomach.

The World Health Organization has acknowledged that the crisis is generating stress, and has advised people to avoid watching, reading or listening to news that causes feelings of anxiety or distress.

What else can you do? Watch recap video

People who are suffering from anxiety related to the coronavirus outbreak are advised by Mind to stick to a daily routine and make sure they get some physical exercise every day.

The charity also recommends limiting the news you consume, taking breaks from social media and making regular calls to friends and family.

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