How to keep your good friends for life

October 10, 2017

There is a popular saying  ‘show me your friends and i will know who you are’. There is no doubt that friends are important in the life of  men and women, kids and adults. From the time that we are little kids to adults they are critical in all aspects of our life.

One of the things i have noticed is that friends from your youth or when you are much younger especially in Primary or high school remain very close to you for a long time. A good Friendship or friends will stay with you no matter what you are going through in every stage of your life.

I heard  of  a story  of how a group of friends from a man’s secondary days came to his rescue when he was attacked by bandits and was in a life or death situation. These his friends have been close to him for over 30 years from when they were still in secondary school till date.

There is doubt that the best time to make good friends for keeps is in the Primary and Secondary schools period.  In some situation the friends you make during this time are so close to you more like brothers and sisters, its amazing all the great memories shared over the years.

One of such is three Nigerian friends who were pregnant at the same time. They shared photos with their babies four months after birth. They look more sisters than friends right?

Here are a few tips that can help to keep your good friends :

  1. Good friends are hard to find so when you have a good friend, reciprocate good deeds, acknowledge, respect and give all you have in the friendship
  2. Dont ever take your good friends for granted no matter the situation. Dont do what you do not want someone else to do to you.
  3. Being married and having a family should not disturb your friendship. Learn to keep both in check.
  4. Friendship is not a do or die or by force. If these are not going on well, take a break

Remember that your family is first no matter what. It must always be top priority

Always keep this in mind as years go by.

Do share your wonderful memories with your friends.  Would love to hear from everyone!


















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