Influence and growing up with your grandparents

April 26, 2017

Lady specially appreciates grandma for moulding her into a woman

At sometime in the life of a child, situations may arise when the child may need to live, raised or brought up by the grandparents. It could be due to school, loss of a parent or other unforeseen circumstance.

Grandparents  are known worldwide as great companions and often shower their grandchildren with special treats and lots of love. Some kids live far away from their grandparents so they stay in touch by phone, through email, and with letters. Other kids live close to their grandparents, making it easy to visit often. And still other kids — more than 5 million in the United States — live with their grandparents.

Sometimes, the family is sharing the grandparents’ house and sometimes the grandparent moves into the family’s house or apartment. Maybe your grandmother moved in with your family because she was having trouble living alone. Or maybe your grandparents take care of you in place of your mom or dad.

Being a grandparent is a big job, but grandparents have a lot of experience. They raised and cared for your parent when he or she was a kid! And grandparents have been the heads of households since the beginning of time. In many cultures — Africans, Native American and Chinese, for instance — grandparents are looked up to as a source of wisdom.

Its always good for kids to appreciate their parents and grand parents at every point in time.

According to the South African lady, (@Zaarnaa), her grandmother moulded her into the woman she has become today. Hence, during her graduation in April 2017, she dressed the elderly woman in her own graduation gown and wrote;

When I win, she wins.

I graduate, she graduates.
My R10 is also hers.

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