Why Fathers Day Should Be Celebrated (As Much As Mothers Day)

June 17, 2018

When we consider all that our Father’s do for us, be it providing us with a personal driver, helping us with our homework or fixing our car, celebrating this day just shows how much we appreciate them, even with the way we appreciate our mothers. Even though Father’s Day is just one day, (compared to numerous Mother’s Day), we still need to thank our heroes.

Below we’ve listed a few reasons why we should be thankful for our fathers…

  1. Dads are our role models.Traditionally, for girls, our fathers are our role models. When searching for the perfect man, we generally look for similar qualities to those our dads possess. For boys, our fathers represent the guardian and advocate of the family.
  2. Dads give good advice.Fathers are great when it comes to giving no-nonsense advice, they’re also a comforting shoulder to lean on, regardless of whether you have work struggles, home struggles or you just need a hug.
  3. Dads help out.Unpopular tasks such as cutting the grass, fixing the flat tyre are often left up to dad.
  4. Dads are adventurous.From movies to outdoor events, dads are always up for an adventure – come rain or shine.
  5. Dads are good sports.It’s our mothers who usually take us shopping or to the hair salon, our fathers on the other hand are usually the one’s who are great at sporting activities.
  6. They let you slack. When mum is out for the evening, dads are the one’s who often allow us to stay up that little bit later, play video games, get a take away and even, eat anything we like to eat.
  7. They help us out financially.From buying a new item, to helping out with rent for a house, our parents (including dad) often help us out financially with everything from the smallest to the biggest investments.
  8. Dads encourage us to do better.You may be worried about an upcoming exam, a job interview or a project deadline, but our fathers are the ones who motivate us to do better. After all, no one believes you to be smarter, brighter, or more skillful than your dad.
  9. Dads inspire us to be ourselves.Our fathers always inspire us to be true to ourselves and to be our own person, helping us to follow our dreams and goals – both on a personal and professional level.
  10. They help us to find our feet.Helping us to walk is one of the first things our fathers will help us to do.
  11. They teach us how to drive.Love them or hate them for it, our fathers are usually the one’s who teach us how to drive. Asides from saving us a thousands of naira on lessons, they help us to master the roads.
  12. They attempt to cook for us (every now and again).Even if it’s a simple  meal, we often feel privileged when dad attempts to cook for us.

Take today to appreciate your dad or any male figure in your life. It could be step-fathers, granddads, mentors, or any man in our lives for that matter take care of us, help us to grow and continually make us feel like we’re number one.

What makes your dad so special?

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