Dressing the bump: What to wear in your first trimester

August 18, 2017

If you have been pregnant before, you’ll find out that the first trimester is always difficult to get dressed. Not to say the second and third aren’t hard either, but the first trimester presents its own set of problems. Those problems include- feeling sick, tired, bloated and depending on who you are, more sick or more tired. You also start gaining weight at a regular pace and you’re torso begins to expand. You don’t look pregnant yet, you look like you just had too much food.  It’s the worst.  And your head knows it’s part of the whole growing-a-baby-thing…but your self esteem doesn’t know how to process it.

Here are tips for surviving the first trimester and hiding the tiny belly until it actually looks like an baby belly.

  1. Invest in lots of loose tops and T-shirts. But keep it balanced by wearing fitted pants with the loose tops. Also pull yourself together with bright lipstick, a pair of earrings and a cute bag.
  1. Buy a bigger pant size. Put away your skinniest skinny jeans right away. Like now. Don’t ruin them or ruin your day by trying them on and finding out that sure enough- they don’t fit. You can have them back in a year or two. Now go buy some denim in once size bigger. They will be new so they automatically feel cute and they fit- so they make you feel normal.


  1. You may be able to keep your old jeans in rotation for a while. But the waistband will get tight sooner or later. Don’t be afraid to rubber band them. Loop a rubber band or a hair tie around the button, through the button hole and back over the button. There is nothing worse than a squeezing pair of pants so loosen them up with the rubber band trick. The problem with this trick is that you can’t wear a fitted top with it. The top has to be loose.
  1. Say yes to joggers. When you are at home, embrace it. After all, you either feel sick, tired, bloated or all of the above. Give yourself a break! Grab some cute joggers for yourself and don’t be afraid to steal your hubby’s biggest pair. Those are almost guaranteed to make you feel thin. Jogger pants are super cute to wear out and about and the stretchy waistband is so comfortable. These will ease you into maternity pants.
  1. Invest in leggings– What else will ease you into maternity pants? Leggings. Buy yourself some quality leggings. These will be your best friend for the next 12 months, even if you never wear them out of the house.

Other ideas for boosting your first trimester confidence? Buy new shoes- unless your feet majorly swell up, shoes always fit!

What are your favorite tips for dressing during the first trimester? How do you style your bump?



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