Consent and sex education for kids

February 13, 2020

Sex education should be taught at home first by parents and not in schools . If you have a teenage daughter in secondary school, please make out time this week before Friday( Feb. 14th ) to talk to her about valentines day,🙏👌 educate her on what love is all about💯…..No matter how innocent that your princess may appear, bear in mind there is something called peer pressure😟

Some ignorant teenagers will be lured into sex this week all in the name of valentines day🙉Some will loose their virginity,while some will get pregnant over a cup of ice cream and gifts 🙉…..

Show your teenage girl lots of love always, 💯💃💃get her a beautiful gifts and make sure to tell her categorically,looking straight into her eyes that no one will ever love her genuinely like you do♥♥♥❣🥀🥀….This may save you from unwanted pregnancy this week 🤔🙃

Bear in mind that if you don’t take up your responsibility and talk to them about sex,their mates will surely do that….some of these “innocent” children know more about sex than you think …….

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