When You both Can’t Agree On A Baby Name?

There’s nothing like pregnancy to bring you and your partner closer together – until it’s time to pick a baby name, and you learn that your partner hates the one at the top of your list. A lot of parents said they disagreed with their significant other about what to name their baby. The good

Doctors delivers baby from dead pregnant mother

A Nigerian dad who lost his wife while she was six months pregnant was saved from having a double tragedy by medical doctors in the UK after they helped to deliver his daughter alive 35-year-old Emmanuel Olubayo’s wife, Emma, a nursing team leader, collapsed from an undetected heart defect and died in the home they shared

How To Love Your Post-Baby Body

In all honesty, pregnancy is a beautiful thing that bears some temporarily not-so-beautiful results—including stretch marks, saggy skin, droopy breasts, and extra pounds. If you think you’re the only mum who can’t get back to her post-baby body, think again . The stress—and emotional ups and downs—of caring for a newborn doesn’t help: All of a

Love Making Tips During Pregnancy

 One minute, the sight of your partner makes you want to tell him to leave the house, the next minute, you want him to lie beside you at night. Those are your hormones working. . See, as your estrogen and progesterone levels rise, they cause changes in your body that boost libido. Estrogen in particular,

Do You Want To Have A Great Post-Baby Body? Read This!

You had a baby and want to get back to your pre-pregnancy body? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get back that beautiful toned body and become one yummy mummy.   Give your body at least 12 weeks to recuperate Giving yourself 12 weeks post pregnancy before getting into any kind of

Baby Boom and pregnancy … What’s the hype about!

Having a baby is a joyous and wonderful transformation and journey in the life of a woman, couple and family. It’s a private and delicate issue due to challenges that could occur before and during the pregnancy journey especially within the first trimester. Most woman, expectant mothers and families like to keep it hush hush

Super Ways To Become a Yummy Mummy

It was commonly accepted that a woman loses a lot of things once she has had kids. Starting with her shape, her facial features (which many say becomes more soft and rounded), to her vitality for life, people say a lot of things about new mothers. Not so anymore. Mommies are not so willing to

When The Due Date Has Passed And You’re Still Pregnant

It is absolutely important to understand that every woman’s body is constituted differently, and every pregnancy is different. So as long as your physician is happy that you and your baby are doing normal, you shouldn’t worry if your due date has passed and you are still carrying a baby. You could probably use these

Mom uses dead son’s sperm to get a set of twins

A grieving Indian woman’s dream to have children by her dead son has been fulfilled as she’s handed twin babies created from his semen. Rajashree Patil, 49, lost her son Prathamesh to a deadly tumour. The grieving mother wanted to be artificially inseminated with her dead son’s sperm so she could birth his children, but

The Things You Should Worry About During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time where you are nurturing another life within you. However magical it sounds, it isn’t all that great for everyone. It is very hard to find anyone who’s had a text book pregnancy. A lot of women suffer from morning sickness, pain in the back, abdomen and other serious illnesses during

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