Reasons To use Your Husband’s Last Name

If you’re about to get married (or even newly married), you might have already thought to yourself, “should I take my husband’s last name?” It’s a pretty normal thing to consider when getting married, and most couples have some sort of discussion about what they’ll do. Luckily, the woman having to change her name is

Introducing FAB Couple Crush for the Week

In a world filled with divorces and marital woes, a lot of young singles need hope. They need hope to love, get married and settle down with the partners God has ordained for them. Who knows? Your love story just might be the one that would encourage them to give love a chance. With this


Story Series: Episode 4  I had her skirt hiked up around her waist, her panties, bra and shirt flung to the far corners of the room, as the head slipped past her lower lips she clutched me. Hard. Harder even than when she had climaxed earlier. I pulled back a bit and repeated the partial

Make Your Stay-At-Home Wife Feel Good

I know you may know this already, but a mother’s work is never done.  Much of her work you will never see, unless you stay home all week to watch. See those toilets, sinks, floors, and clothes?  They have been washed and cleaned more times than you can imagine.  Is your child’s face dirty?  It

How i got revenge on my cheating wife

Weekend Story Series: Episode 1 The day I found out my wife was cheating, I wasn’t prepared. I had not been suspecting for weeks, the sex wasn’t stale (at least not to me) we weren’t going through a rough patch, nothing of the sort. That very morning she had come out of the shower and

Love Making Tips During Pregnancy

 One minute, the sight of your partner makes you want to tell him to leave the house, the next minute, you want him to lie beside you at night. Those are your hormones working. . See, as your estrogen and progesterone levels rise, they cause changes in your body that boost libido. Estrogen in particular,

How not to react to cheating and infidelity

Trust is one of the most important factors that will keep a marriage strong no matter what. It is a 5 letter word but very powerful. I remember as a student, while in a relationship, It was something that I felt strongly about. Even critical decision was taken based on trust. So in a marriage

My Husband Spends Too Much On His Family

My husband and I have been married just over a year, before our marriage he used to still live at home and more than half of his salary would go to his mother. As in he would pay for the electricity and give money for food and then they would would ask for money all

Are You Ready To Have a Baby?

It is almost every woman’s dream to have a little baby of her own. Choosing when to have a baby is one of the most important questions in her life. When a woman decides that she wants to have a baby, from that very instant, she unconsciously joins the threads of her life to another

A Strange But True Divorce Story (A True Life Story)

We married October 26, 2001. In January 2003, I would discover he was having an affair with a woman he built a home for with his company. Back then we didn’t have the social media we do now or texting to prove it. I only had a cell phone with her number all over it.

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