Saving on Children’s expenses (Part 2)

FAB FAMILY LIFE ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS SERIES Still in continuation of FAB Family life issues and solutions series on how to save on Family expenses.. Here is the concluding part of saving on children expenses which takes a major bulk of Family expenses. Hope you find the following tips useful and please do try to

Recent facts about CHOLESTEROL

SORRY, We were wrong about CHOLESTEROL! All you Lipitor users rejoice! Pharma companies extracted USD 2 trillion from consumers in the name of cholesterol level treatment. What a shame on medical research fraud and authorities. Their incompetency costed USD 2 trillion to people those who were fit and healthy. Cholesterol is finally officially removed from

Hurry! Massive discount offerings

Dont miss out on Discount offerings from FAB on kids, baby’s and motherhood items.. Quality stuff, great prices from 0 – 19 years from educational,creative, fun, science and tech items. Check out or call 08022228070 00

Daddy duties is the most memorable

Being a Mum or dad is a big privilege to every family.  Who does not enjoy and lie the special bond between you and your kid even if its a few minutes you spend together.. Money cannot buy this … So dad, cherish every time you do daddy duties and spend time with your kids..

Celebrating International Day of Families 2019

International Day of Families or IDF is observed on May 15 every year and reflects the importance attached to families and filial bonds by the international community. According to the United Nations, the International Day of Families, “provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social,

Weekend Recipe: Goodness of Spinach Stew

Happy Weekend Folks, Its anther weekend to explore and try something nice and full of goodness for the entire family. Spinach or what we call Amunututu in the south of Nigeria is a unique vegetable with great nutrients. Health Benefits of Spinach Spinach is extremely healthy and has been linked to numerous health benefits. It has

Introducing FAB Family Issues Solution (FIS) series

Hello Folks, Introducing our new series! Family Issues & Solutions (FIS). Families are faced with various issues in life either individually as parents or collectively as a family. In this new series we will be examining various issues that affect families and offering practical solution tips and steps. Indeed a lot of families are going

How not to spend your time and day

Have you noticed how time goes fast these days and we are just in the 5th month of the year not 8th or 10th. Everyday time ticks away and we have no ability to control it. We however can control and have our life organised by doing the right things at the right time. They

Tips to set up your Home Vegetable Garden

So the rains are coming gradually and its time to start your home vegetable garden. Planning a home vegetable garden is a great way to provide fresh delicious vegetables for your family. Here are some tips and ideas for a planting a vegetable garden. These are all vegetable garden plans that work well for planting a

Alert on Viral infections in children

Viral infections are common among people of all ages but often seem to be concentrated in infants and children. Most childhood viral infections are not serious and include such diverse illnesses as colds with a sore throat, vomiting and diarrhea, and fever with a rash.  Because their immune systems aren’t fully developed, babies tend to get a high number of infections, usually 4

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