Practical tips for Preparing Back to School

Parents look forward with mixed emotions especially because of the school expenses from school fees, uniforms, books, stationary etc. i know some friends who sort this out immediately the holiday starts so that they are not pressurized. Here are some tips to help parents and kids to prepare for back to school: Set your kids’

How many times do you hug your kids?

You probably didn’t think hugging is so important not just for babies, kids but even adults? I know hugging is good for adults but also babies need to be hugged a lot as well . I asked a mum how many times she hugs her baby and she said she is holding him now….. Do

5 Things to do during a holiday Weekend

Holidays are not too often and its important to plan and spend the days wisely. If its not well taught and planned you will find out you didnt achieve much more So here are a few things you should always do during the holiday weekend. Spend time with your family… your partner and children.. Do

Checklist for picking family vacation destinations

FAB Travel Blog Series Who doesn’t like travelling or going for vacations? A little break to relax, discover and have fun with your kids and family is advisable at least once in a year. Travelling with young kids can be stressful sometimes especially for the mums but following some key checklist  and tips can make the

FAB Touching and Empowering Families

FAB  Save A Family (SAF) Initiative Life is about showing love, helping someone in need and giving hope to the hopeless. Sometimes its giving your time, advice, finances, teaching …. so many more ways.  A lot of families need help with one thing or the other . Empowering families is a collective effort and everyone

Managing and coping with Autism in Kids

Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. The challenging behaviour of children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often causes parents and families the most stress.  Sometimes the first step in managing challenging behaviour can be spotting the things

How to celebrate kids birthday

Kids Birthdays are memorable times in the life of a children especially the significant years — 1 yr, 5 yrs, 10 years, 18 years.. Sometimes its just pictures taken that day that captures the memories …and we see years after.. Here are some ideas to celebrating kids birthdays 1st – 8th Day – Capture memories

Introducing FAB Family Travel Blog Series

Do you like travelling? Introducing our new series FAB Family Travel Blog Series …. In this series we will be exposing and discussing everything that has to do with the family when it comes to Travel, Self-Care, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare and so much more Personally i love to travel for Holiday, Work and Self –

Celebrating Women Supporting Women

Women must consistently learn to support and help each other. This is something that is important for the growth and development of family-life and the nation. When women support each other, great things really do happen. A good message, something below we can learn from in our daily life Instead of laughing at my broken

Practical Tips every Family, Parents Must Know

Families can be united, safe and happier if proper things are done especially from the parents. In order to avoid and reduce disputes and family issues.. Here are some practical tips that can help foster and prevent issues : 1. Don’t encourage your son and his wife to stay under same roof with you. Best

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