Does Spanking Really Work?

Spanking is a widely debated topic. Although most child experts advise against corporal punishment, many parents still report spanking is an effective discipline strategy. Before you decide if it’s OK to spank your child, examine the potential consequences of physical punishments.  Sometimes parents spank their children out of desperation. When kids frequently misbehave parents may

How Much Fruits Should Children Eat?

With anything there are both ends of the spectrum and it’s no different when we are talking about kids eating fruit. You might think that being at the higher end of the spectrum is a good problem to have but excessive intake can cause issues. Fruit is healthy so it’s hard to believe that if your

Reasons To use Your Husband’s Last Name

If you’re about to get married (or even newly married), you might have already thought to yourself, “should I take my husband’s last name?” It’s a pretty normal thing to consider when getting married, and most couples have some sort of discussion about what they’ll do. Luckily, the woman having to change her name is

Setting Goals For The Second Half Of The Year

Unbelievable! its already half of the year right. How has the first half been for you? What are you looking forward to in the 2nd half of this year. You set a big goal or resolution. You’re passionate about the possibilities. Then, life happens. You’ve made some progress, but not nearly what you imagined. Are you

What To Say To Parents Who Lost A Baby

Yesterday, the entire social media was thrown into mourning when Dbanj, one of the A-list artistes in Africa lost his 13-month old son. His son, Daniel was said to have died in their home, when he drowned in the pool. There were many reactions from a lot of celebrities, fans and friends as they were

What Do You Do When Your Child Refuses To Eat?

Asides from raising a disobedient child, a mother’s worst nightmare is a child who refuses to eat. Why is feeding a child such a chore? Fussy eating is a behavioural problem of children and the parents. Parents are in charge of food like most things in a kids’ life. Good eating habits are to be

The Easy Way To Make Doughnut For Your Kids

Yeah! Its another weekend and time to explore some new recipes for the family. For generations, children have loved donuts(or doughnuts). It is a great snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. No child can resist a freshly made doughnut, no matter how filled up their belly is. Just like puff-puff,

Safety Tips for Watching Nigeria vs Iceland Match

Are you a football fan and have been looking forward to this match? If your answer is yes, please read the safety tips below. We dont want any casualty in families as there is a lot of pressure on the Nigeria team to win this match (1) If you have the Nigerian jersey, you could

Managing and learning to treat artisans well

By Oladunni Ogunsanya A common human experience is the fact that no one can exist alone. No matter how versatile you are, you sure at some point  or at several points will require the services of someone who is a professional in a field you are not, this professional might not necessarily be the kind

Doctors delivers baby from dead pregnant mother

A Nigerian dad who lost his wife while she was six months pregnant was saved from having a double tragedy by medical doctors in the UK after they helped to deliver his daughter alive 35-year-old Emmanuel Olubayo’s wife, Emma, a nursing team leader, collapsed from an undetected heart defect and died in the home they shared

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