Family Recipe for Kids: Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Hey Folks, Its another weekend with the family and yes the summer holiday is almost over. Its time to start preparing the kids for back to school, new nutritious menu ideas especially for picky eaters. Dont we all just love to eat something different or eat out sometimes but who says we can have exciting 

Weekend Family Recipe: Spaghetti Chicken Stir Fry

In Nigeria and any part of the world, spaghetti needs no introduction. It is a type of pasta that almost everyone enjoyed. It can be made with almost anything; sausage, minced meat, cheese and any other thing you can think of. However, we’re going to show you how to get the perfect spaghetti stir fry

Tips That Would Help You Space Out Your Meals

We have all heard about eating frequently and smaller meals throughout the day to boost metabolism. Research shows that spacing out your meals five to six times a day and eating smaller portions is the ideal way to lose weight. When you eat two or three meals a day, after few hours your body goes

Weekend Family Delight: Special Jambalaya

One of the many dishes Nigerians adopted from the western world is Jambalaya. It is a very popular dish that has Spanish and French influence. It’s prepared with chicken, shrimp, sausages, and rice – or a variation of that – and it is comfort food at its best. Jambalaya is one of the easiest one-pot meals you can

The Easy Way To Make Doughnut For Your Kids

Yeah! Its another weekend and time to explore some new recipes for the family. For generations, children have loved donuts(or doughnuts). It is a great snack that can be eaten at any time of the day. No child can resist a freshly made doughnut, no matter how filled up their belly is. Just like puff-puff,

Goat-meat Pepper Soup in Two Easy Steps!

A lot of people love pepper soup. It’s the perfect hot and spicy soup for the cold weather. It is simply made out of meat in a spiced broth, the peculiar taste comes from the spice mix. It is commonly made with goat meat. Sometimes, catfish or pure beef is used to prepare this awesome

Impress your guests with Special Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken Grilled chicken is one of the popular Nigerian foods. It is very easy to prepare and you can prepare it in no time. It’s such a nice treat for any occasion, even if it’s jus a simple family meal. A lot of people give caterers money to make grilled chicken or even buy

Weekend Delight: Asun And Fried Plantain

If you’re familiar with Yoruba food, Asun  is definitely not new to you. It is a smoked meal made out of spicy barbecue goat. It originated from Ondo state and it is a delicacy you would find at most parties, or even beer palours. The best thing about it is how easy to prepare the

Eating Nutritious Meals On A Low Budget

It is no longer news that after the recession hit the country, foodstuff became so expensive. This makes it almost impossible to eat on a low budget. However, despite  the hard times, it is still very possible to eat nutritious meals on a low budget. Here are some meal options you could try out. Okro

Win Your In-Laws Over With Cabbage Fried Rice

Usually, when people cook or talk about cabbage fried rice, it is always left over rice they use. But did you know you can cook this meal in a tasty and delicious way, to make it more than just a left over meal. You have to use a lot of ingredients and vegetables to spice

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