Tips That Would Help You Space Out Your Meals

We have all heard about eating frequently and smaller meals throughout the day to boost metabolism. Research shows that spacing out your meals five to six times a day and eating smaller portions is the ideal way to lose weight. When you eat two or three meals a day, after few hours your body goes

Reasons Why Children Must Play Team Sports

Having kids participate in sports is without a doubt very beneficial. Sports will keep kids busy and keep them physically active. With that said, the best sports for kids are team sports.  When kids participate in sports like football or basketball, they will learn several life skills. Here are some of the top reasons why

Weekend Family Special Recipe – Ikokore

In the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria, especially among the Ijebu people of Ogun state,  Ikokore needs no introduction. The delicacy is made out of water yam and it is an incredible alternative for yam or potato porridge. To make this savory dish is easy, contrary to what people think, however, you need to get

Inexpensive Things To Do This Weekend

If you feel you need to have a lot of money to really enjoy life, I am afraid you are sadly mistaken. The greatest things in life are those worthwhile experiences and subtle occurrences that sometimes most individuals simply take for granted. Walk The Beach Taking a walk along the beach not only clears your

Weekend Family Delight: Special Jambalaya

One of the many dishes Nigerians adopted from the western world is Jambalaya. It is a very popular dish that has Spanish and French influence. It’s prepared with chicken, shrimp, sausages, and rice – or a variation of that – and it is comfort food at its best. Jambalaya is one of the easiest one-pot meals you can

How To Handle Bad Grades At School

As we all know, most schools have vacated for the summer holiday . With that, most school children have brought their report card home. But what do you do when your child brings home bad grades? Disappointing a parent is the last thing a child wants to do so bringing home a bad grade can

How To Help Children Handle The Death Of A Parent

When a loved one dies, children feel and show their grief in different ways. How kids cope with the loss depends on things like their age, how close they felt to the person who died, and the support they receive. Most times, children cannot relate to whatever happened. They relate eventually, but not immediately. Here

Does Spanking Really Work?

Spanking is a widely debated topic. Although most child experts advise against corporal punishment, many parents still report spanking is an effective discipline strategy. Before you decide if it’s OK to spank your child, examine the potential consequences of physical punishments.  Sometimes parents spank their children out of desperation. When kids frequently misbehave parents may

How Much Fruits Should Children Eat?

With anything there are both ends of the spectrum and it’s no different when we are talking about kids eating fruit. You might think that being at the higher end of the spectrum is a good problem to have but excessive intake can cause issues. Fruit is healthy so it’s hard to believe that if your

Reasons To use Your Husband’s Last Name

If you’re about to get married (or even newly married), you might have already thought to yourself, “should I take my husband’s last name?” It’s a pretty normal thing to consider when getting married, and most couples have some sort of discussion about what they’ll do. Luckily, the woman having to change her name is

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