“Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Having a Baby.”

Having a baby changes your life, your husband’s life and your relationship. Each stage of your child’s growth leads to something new. Honestly, these changes are beautiful. This new little person can help you and your husband mature individually and as a couple. However, to experience the positive effects a baby will bring into your

When should babies start eating adult food?

  A lot of babies start demanding food from as early as 6 months and a lot of mothers are worried that it is too early to feed baby these foods at such a tender age. Your babies’ pediatrician should have the final say in everything concerning their health and well-being. However, I’ll talk from

Toddlers: 9 Things You Should Know About Them

Most of all toddlers are  fascinating and fun little humans that bring us joy as well as the usual challenges.However, in our big world we often overlook little details about them, as they seem to change a bit each day. There are some things you don’t know about your kids. 1) First of all, 40%

Easy steps on treating your baby’s diarrhoea

Normal baby stools are soft and loose. Newborns have frequent stools, sometimes with every feeding. For these reasons, you may have trouble knowing when your baby has diarrhea. Your baby may have diarrhea if you see changes in the stool, such as more stools all of a sudden; possibly more than one stool per feeding

Basic Signs of teething in babies to watch for

From the time your child’s first tooth emerges to how much pain it causes, teething is a different experience for every child. Here’s how to spot teething so you know how to treat the discomfort that comes with it. Symptoms can last for just a few days, right around the time a new tooth is

Thrilling Baby and family moments and news

Its end of the month and time for some thrilling and unique baby and family news. First on the list is music star Dbanj. According to a source close to the music star, D’banj and his wife Lineo Didi Kilgrow are expecting their first baby. The beautiful couple got married in July 2016 in a secret

Biracial twin sisters with different skin colors celebrate first birthday 

A set of adorable biracial twin sisters from Illinois are making the internet go gaga. Infants Jarani and Kalani — born to a black father, Toman Dean and white mother, Whitney Meyer last April — became an online sensation after their pictures went viral on Facebook. A The side-by-side images showcase the twins’ opposite skin

Practical and Fast rules for visiting Newborns

Newborns are extreme delicate creatures. Their mothers are equally as delicate as they are so visiting both mother and child requires sensitivity, planning and adherence to a particular set of rules; no matter how closely related you are to the family  This is not the time to show up unannounced, apologize for your cough and

Heat rashes in babies this season

The hot season is here again. Its filled with sunny, hot afternoons and it is a time that makes your baby feel uncomfortable and uneasy. First the rising heat and then the itchy, red and irritating prickly heat rashes can really put your little one off and make him more cranky and irritable. If your

Reasons your infant babies doesn’t need a pillow

Mothers use several methods to put their babies to sleep. Singing lullabies, patting them to sleep are some of the measures mothers use. However, mothers should stay away from pillows. Unlike what many think, pillows aren’t a necessity for newborns and infants. In fact it is advisable that you keep your baby off pillows for

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