Parenting and when to do the needful

Its scary these days whats going on in our society especially young adults….and if you look critically at it …its mostly a result of failed system, parenting and familylife…Parents should never stop questioning their kids and supporting bad behaviour, act or way of of life.. Please watch this video am sure this happens a lot….

Kids’ Counselling: Sexual Abuse Follow-up Guide

So i asked a few people and also on our social media platform when they think  is the appropriate age to teach kids (boys and girls) about sex education. A few said between 7-8 years and some between 8 – 10 years. As a follow-up on sex education, kindly review the topic with children by

Parenting Tip! A Child’s cry to the Parents

Parenting! Parenting! Parenting! We learn everyday and can never know it all…. Hence, we have continuously remind parents and parents to be that kids will always depend 100% on their parents guidance. Except the parents are not there.. We consciously have to put ourselves in their life even if they resist which sometimes happen. Involving

The Joy of motherhood for newmums

Motherhood comes with its ups and downs but the joy you get supersedes everything… the discomfort, no sleep, no self time ….the babies smile melts it all away… Motherhood is easier with a good support support system …family support and hands on dad ….makes a whole lot of difference. Watch the lovely video of Funke

Celebrating Mothers Days from a Dad

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 2019 BY AKOGUN LEKAN ALABI I wish all caring mothers,and mothers-to-be, all over the world a happy Mother’s Day. How I wish everyday is celebrated by all, as Mothers Days, for their struggles during pregnancies,pains and risks at childbirths,care and love to their husbands,children and families. An idiom in Yoruba language goes:”Baba

Preparation for Kids success in Examination

The school term for second term break is drawing to a close as kids have started or about to start their  Examination. . How well are your children prepared? Examinations are important milestones in your children’s school life. The guidance that you provide in the early stages will enable your children to study with discipline

How women can Protect the girl child

A week ago a 13 Year old girl was found pregnant but she didn’t know who impregnated her. But I will tell you the truth she was raped by a family member or someone nearby and threatened not to report. When Doctors conducted tests on her they found she was not a virgin meaning someone

Are you a Baby Tossing Parent? Read this

Babies just love it and are always happy when tossed in the air especially when they are 4 months above. A lot of parents toss their babies lovingly into the air, where they hang and smiling weightless for a beautiful moment before being caught by their parents. I remember an elderly aunt told me that new born’s should

Simple tricks of making your kids organised

Being organised is such an important leadership skill not just for adults but for kids.. Kids will always be kids and as part of the growing process, parents have to teach and prepare them for basic life challenges to survive and be successful. A lot of them want to throw stuff anywhere, and dont want to

Family Sibling love – Rivalry is so real

There is a saying that there is a thin line between love and hate and this can be compared to all relationships including siblings. Sibling love is pure, wonderful yet volatile and can become toxic within a twinkle of an eye.. The responsibility falls on parents in ensuring that their children love each other unconditionally.

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