Meet Aimaloh, FAB Toddler for the week

Happy Sunday Folks, we cant just have enough of our toddlers. They are super active and can be a very interesting age to watch them grow into their own personalities Here a few tips you should watch out and do  in their developmental milestones. Developmental Milestones Skills such as taking turns, playing make believe, and

Meet Oluwatumininu, FAB Child of the week

Yeah, its another weekend and time to focus on the kids especially now that they are on holidays. Do you have a pre-school child age 5 – 9 years, here are some tips to help parents. Your goal over the next few years is to build a strong relationship with your child, which will provide

Acts Of Kindness Every Child Must Know

Children know about kindness, quite alright, but do they understand what it means? As a parent, it is your duty to teach your children some specific acts of kindness. This would enable them have a good heart, especially in the selfish world we live in today. So what acts of kindness must they know? Hold

Dealing With A Child That Is Always Hungry

When a child is constantly hungry, parents need to ask themselves a few questions: are they eating properly at mealtimes? Are they overweight? If the answers to these questions raise no cause for concern, it could simply be that the child is genuinely hungry. Children go through growth stages which can be quite dramatic –

How To Help Your Child Academically

As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. When parents and families are involved in their children’s schools, the children do better and have better feelings about going to school. In fact, many studies show that what the family does is more important to a child’s school success than how much

Getting Over Mummy and Daddy- Guilt

Yesterday, the multiple grand slam and Wimbledon winner and best black female athlete in the world, Serena Williams shared on her twitter page that she had missed the first steps of her baby, Olympia Ohanian. In her exact words, “She took her first steps… I was training and missed it. I cried”. She felt so

Meet Diane, FAB Toddler for the week

Parenting a toddler is like laying the foundation for a house. Everything you put in place now, will have ramifications for years to come. Toddlers can be a handful, but if you can see things from his perspective, and support him as he takes his first steps into autonomy, toddlerhood can be terrific! Its also a good time to

Tips for Your Kid’s First Trip to the Movies

Taking your kid to the movies for the first time can be a treat — or a total disaster.   Before you had kids, a trip to the movies was a no-brainer. You liked the actor or the movie poster was cool, so you went. Simple. But if you have little kids, you have to put

Connecting with your child – Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi

There is this saying that goes ‘’ people do not care how much you know but want to know how much you care’’. This is the same with parenting; you cannot be an effective parent if you do not first connect with your child on an emotional level. To correct your child, you first have

Encouraging Your Child To Embrace The Reading Culture

Encouraging children to read has been a challenge as long as there have been kids and books. Reading is essential not only in education, but in the modern business world where so much communication takes place digitally, over email and text-based messaging systems. Because of this, the ability to read for comprehension and to communicate effectively

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