Make Your Stay-At-Home Wife Feel Good

May 14, 2018

I know you may know this already, but a mother’s work is never done.  Much of her work you will never see, unless you stay home all week to watch. See those toilets, sinks, floors, and clothes?  They have been washed and cleaned more times than you can imagine.  Is your child’s face dirty?  It has likely been washed five times already today.

She has been busy all day, even if it is hard to see the evidence when you get home.  That is because her work is never-ending. And you know what, most days she can hardly even remember everything she did.  Every day there are endless tasks – cooking, scrubbing, laundry, playing, putting kids to sleep, running errands, chasing kids around, feeding, washing, cleaning up dirt, organizing, shopping.

You may get the picture but unless you have been there you really do not know how it feels. With all of these, it’s your duty as a mad to always make her feel good about herself. How can you do this?

(1) Never think your world is more important than hers

Because it is not. A large part of your wellness depends on the home she keeps for you. Several studies have shown that the key to a happy life is by having a good and happy wife. So basically, don’t just talk about your work, your busy day, your plans. Ask her about her day. It might be about the baby nappies, baby talk, price of a Congo of rice, but never forget that her life is as valid as yours.

(2) Make time for her

Let’s get real – you have to work. You don’t have that much time to spend making your woman feel good. But hey, it is the quality that counts, not the quantity. You don’t have to call her 10 times a day. You don’t have to write her 10 texts a day – you don’t have to write soppy texts. You don’t have to send gifts. All you need is the intention.

(3) Do things together with her

It’s always a good excuse to say “I need to rest – I had a long, tiring day at work”, lie on the settee and watch TV. But hello, some of the things you do together – the small things – can be as relaxing and certainly more fulfilling than reading Facebook and Instagram updates about your virtual friends. Click with your mate, not your mouse.

(4) Count your blessings

Close your eyes and think about the woman who is at home making your house a home. Do you know how much love it takes to do that? No paid helper can ever create that. Think about the times she held you and soothed away your tension. Think about the times she put her needs behind yours. Think about the times she held herself back to support you. Think about the hours, think about the money (hers, if she had chosen employment elsewhere), think about the hours of her life given over to you. If she leaves, there will be a huge hole in your life.

(5) Do something for her

It doesn’t have to be a big deal that takes a lot of energy on your part. Here’s a little exercise for you: what was the last thing you gave the woman who gives up her outside life for you?

(6) Remove unkind words from your vocabulary

Never ever say, “I hope you don’t expect to live here for free” or anything along this line. Never ever say that, man. Because you destroy someone’s soul a little when you say unkind words such as these, and you don’t make yourself feel better by making someone feel worse.

So it’s up to you men! You need to make your stay-at-home wife feel good about herself. Trust me, it would be beneficial to you both in the long run!

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