Basic Simple things teenage boys need from their parents

June 7, 2017


Your teenage boys need you. It’s not about buying a game console for them anytime it’s their birthday. It’s about the love and support you show them every time. It’s about showing the love every day in every way possible. How can you achieve that?

What do you need to do?

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  1. Love and support. Tons of it.
    2.  Supervision; with ever-so-gradual increasing freedoms.
    3.  Help with friends!   Give them guidance and counsel. Meet their friends, and get to know them as well.
    4.  Self control.  Talk about it.  What does it look like?  How to apply it.
    5.  Lots of communication.  Talk to him about growing up. Puberty. Choices. Girls. PEER PRESSURE!  Please get your husband in on this.  Talk to him and let him talk to you.
    6.  Activity!!  Your teenage boy is all pent-up with energy, stress, and hormones.  Get him moving every single day and it will help tremendously.
    7.  Laughter.  He may not have a fully matured sense of humor yet, but he is getting there.  Laugh with your son and enjoy him.
    8.  Hugs and touch.  Mum and Dad–he needs these from both of you.
    9.  Healthy food.  He is old enough to understand that his food choices will affect his health, his acne, and his moods.  Try hard to have healthy food at home, and help him make good choices when he is not home.
    10.  Positive places to hang out. Teenage boys begin to crave fitting in and hanging out somewhere besides just at home.  Find a good youth group, sports teams, or clubs.  Not just hanging out down the street, at the mall or beach, but give them opportunities to connect with good people in good places.
    11.  Tons of encouragement.  “You are growing into such an amazing young man!”  “Wow, look at your muscles!”  “I’m so proud of WHO you are becoming.”  “You are making really good choices!”  Etc etc etc.  Do not hold back on encouragement!

Teenage years can be awkward, and challenging–with moods swinging and hormones cranking.  It can also be a positive time, as kids gain self-confidence and maturity.
Be involved in your kids’ lives to make these the best years possible!


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