Awesome! Another Nigerian Identical Twins get married on same day

November 14, 2016

It is common these days to see identical twins getting married on the same day. There are also cases of twins marrying another set of identical twins on the same day. Cases have also been reported of identical  twins giving birth on the same day to twins.

This is awesome and one can wonder  how these things happen. When you start from the beginning at the courtship or dating level. Is it simultaneous for the identical twins? It’s easy to decide to marry the same day but what if the other twin is not even in a relationship. What happens?

These are questions that would be interesting to find out from these cases. Another of such identical twins are Taiwo Fumilayo Alli and her twin sister Kehinde Alli got married to the husbands on the same day.


Guinness Book of World Records also named the Nigerian twin sisters who got married to another set of twin brothers on the same day, the 1st in Africa and the 251st in the world. The couple was joined together at Foursquare Gospel Church, Omole, Ikeja and had their reception at the ever bubbling 10 Degree Events Centre in Oregun.During the church wedding.Folawemi Taiwo Okunniyi and Febisola Kehinde Okunniyi are identical twin sisters from the same parents from Ondo State, and the grooms, Chinonso Akinade Okueze and Chibuzor Adelakin Okueze are also identical twins from the same parents from Asaba, Delta State.

I guess we havent seen the end of such wonderful double celebrations. The father of the twin girls must be the happiest man in the world walking his two daughters down the aisle.

Wishing them a happy marital bliss!

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