Marriage is a beautiful Union – Yes or No?

The union between a man and woman what we popularly call Marriage is a universal practice across the world irrespective of tribe, colour, race or religion. It is the foundation of a family life and family unit which makes up the population and very key to the life and destiny of every man and woman.

Parents Watch out! What is killing and destroying kids

  There is no doubt that good and effective parenting is a lot of hard work, dedication and Gods guidance. That is why it is the joint effort of both moms and dads. Couples have their individual part to play especially when kids approach teenage age. There are some seemingly ‘safe’ medicines

What not to say to your Spouse or Partner

Relationships are complex and never perfect even if you have been married or living together with your spouse for donkey years. As couples, you should always be cautious of your words and actions towards your spouse or partner. A couple who have been married for over 10 years shares her experience.

Birthday celebrations and Father to daughter bond

Birthdays are joyous moments for the kids celebrating and also their parents. It’s amazing how children grow so fast these days as birthdays are marked year by year  No matter the age of the child, children always love to celebrate their birthdays in whatever way they can. Either marking it in school,

Alleged women and girls abuses at IDP camps

The issue of protecting and rendering proper aid to Internally Displaced persons (IDP’s) is not new. It is the obligation of the government concerned to provide proper care for the protection of IDP’s in their country. These persons are meant to feel safe in the temporary “haven” the government

Why are celebrity divorce rates so high?

These days, failed celebrity marriages are unfortunately a very ordinary occurrence. We cannot but wonder and ask ourselves “why are celebrity marriages so often troubled?”, “Why are celebrity divorce rates so high?” Most marriage counsellors and psychologists always say that the number one

Does Love conquer all? – Bride jilts groom at wedding reception

How important is love in a relationship? Does love truly conquer all? Is it right to marry someone you don’t love? These are important questions that are hot topics any day anytime. The fact is that love does truly matter in a relationship especially the one heading towards marriage.  However, it

Any Human Disability is your Ability to succeed

There is no human disability and inadequacies that cannot be turned around to become a success story. The strength of a person is the ability to surmount all challenges, disability or problems. There are simply no limitations as life brings challenges at some point in time. The 2016 Para - Olympics


Cassava meal is  popular especially in some parts in Nigeria. Cassava flour is also gaining momentum as a “go-to” gluten-free, grain-free flour. And it’s not surprising when you consider that those who follow restricted diets typically have to blend several flours to achieve the same consistency

The menace of domestic staff: Cook runs away with $6m

The presence of domestic staff in most homes in Nigeria and other countries is exceptionally alarming. The dependency on domestic staff by parents in the running of the family or home is also very high. This is the major reason for the security threats, lapses and various incidents that have happening

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