Bouncing back to shape after child birth

Congratulations if you just had a baby recently or not too long ago. Its a memorable and joyous time and break  to have with the new born... mum and dad inclusive. So enjoy it, breast feed, recuperate and have some mum time to yourself as well. And yes you dont have to be celebrity to get back to your

Habits of improper upbringing in Children (2)

  Parenting and bringing up well behaved and groomed children is never an easy job... even with both parents involved not to talk of single parents. Its a sacrifice everyone has to make with a lot of considerations and things to deny. IT IS BETTER TO LET YOUR CHILDREN CRY AT AN EARLY AGE WHEN YOU

The new wave of underwear stealing

It is unfortunate what happens these days in our country and society .. I heard about this a few weeks ago about the rampant cases of stealing of underwear's for rituals and have been too shocked to write. The first question i asked is that is it female underwear only? I try to put myself in the shoes

Introducing Family Recipe with NaijafoodMistress

FAB is pleased to introduce our new Weekend Family Recipe with Naijafood mistress an amazing sweet lady who cooks tasty, unique and divine delicacies with love.... Nnenna Osi - Anugwa of Azure Foods! Hi. My name is Nnenna, the Naijafoodmistress. I am all about discovering, understanding and celebrating

Easy positions for breastfeeding babies

Breastfeeding is one of the most powerful bonding activity for a mother. For me i find it very relaxing and rewarding once you are lactating well, baby is latching and you both are in a comfortable position.

Habits of Improper upbringing in Children (1)

Earlier this week we shared insights on setting and execution of  Family Goals. Another very important issue is children upbringing especially in our 21st century. You will all  agree that the way we brought is obviously different from the way our kids are brought up now. Please, carefully look at

Making your Family Goals a reality

Sometimes parents get caught up in life issues, work, socials, business and looking for money to sustain the family we often times neglect the importance of family values and bonding... Yes, we are all guilty and we can only make deliberate effort to ensure this does not become a norm. We need to spend

Introducing a new baby to older sibling

Congratulations if you just had a baby or about to have one and as a second time mum or mum-to-be you would say that every pregnancy and experience is different. Introducing for the first time a new baby to the older sibling boy or girl is one of great expectations and something to always look forward

Managing and Coping without Domestic Staff

Its the time of the year where new goals are set, new decision made and new actions to implement. Its also a time in Nigeria where domestic staff usually leave to visit their loved ones. Some come back after new the year (January and February) while others look elsewhere for new opportunities. A lot

Back to School Tips and Checklist

Tips To Help Parents Prepare Children For Resumption

Believe it or not the holiday is over not just for you but also for the kids.. Its time to go back to school and start serious academics. Resuming school can be a difficult time for children especially

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