How to Guide Your Teen To Find Their Purpose (2)

Here is part 2 of this interesting topic... you can check up part 1 ... click the link below

3. Keep Up Friendly

Alert on Viral infections in children

Viral infections are common among people of all ages but often seem to be concentrated in infants and children. Most childhood viral infections are not serious and include such diverse illnesses as colds with a sore throat, vomiting and diarrhea, and fever with a rash.

Couples, How will you describe this look?

What kind of expression do show when you are with your partner? Whether you are a young couple still in relationship, about to be married. newly weds or have been married for a couple of years or a long time... how do you see your partner's expression when you are together. Some expression is  a reflection

Introducing FAB Bumps & Mums Support Group

The struggles of motherhood are so need to seat with women to hear them talk about so many things in this journey...the good news is that Family Affairs Blog (FAB) has created a Support group on whats app for Pregnant and Nursing mums called FAB Bumps and Mums. Please join,

Night shifts, jet lag may predispose you to cancer

Travelling can be fun but yet stressful even if you are going for pleasure especially if its a long trip and you are not travelling in Business or first class. Well if you are a frequent traveler, read the latest below
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Integrity is an attribute for Success

While i was reading this story i was thinking why do we allow the Nigerian in us to take priority over our act, decision and attitude? So i ask myself what is the Nigerian in me that i know can get me into trouble anywhere else in the world? So ask yourself same question.....  let

Beware if you love Ponmo (Cow Skin)

How to Guide Your Teen To Find Their Purpose

By Cmor Ladejobi: Founder, NuWOW a hands on experiential learning educational organisation.

While working with high school students, one statement i hear most often is “I don’t know if i can ever be good enough to impact change in the world"? Or "what

FAB Leading Woman: Mrs Aderoju Ope-Ajayi

Turning your Passion into a Business 
 The vision for women & children only swim lessons in a safe and secure environment was birthed by Aderoju Ope-Ajayi, who is a certified Swim Instructor; Lifeguard and Coach.
She started her swimming

Easter Greetings from FAB Family

This Easter Season is a time to reflect on our lives, individually and collectively in a family unit. We hope this season will bring in more love, joy, peace, gladness and goodness in your families now and always . Happy Easter and holiday filled with happiness,

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