What it means to really Balance for Better

Being a woman is tough, even as a girl child from managing and protecting your femininity to the different stages of womanhood with all the issues. God really took time to prepare women for this journey of life called womanhood. The theme for 2019 International Women's Day - Balancing for Better

Celebrating all Women – Women’s Day 2019

A woman represents strength, courage, confidence, patience, virtue, will power, love, joy, beauty, fruitfulness, kindness, support, wisdom, intelligence, humility, greatness and so much more. Here is celebrating all the amazing women in my life starting from my Mother and Mother in Law, My Sisters and

Does being independent make you powerful?

Being independent is the ability to do things, make decisions and  being in control. A child that is independent can cope very well without interference from parents.  I remember my little nephew as young as 4 years would go and stay with his grand parents and would not ask for his parents while some


We are pleased to introduce a new giveaway every month starting from this Month, March 2019. The month of March is a significant and special month for women folks - ladies, mothers. International Women's day is March 8 and Mothers day is March 31, 2019. In recognizing and celebrating women globally

Steps to successful weaning of your Baby

Weaning is another exciting milestone for you and your baby. Baby weaning is the process of introducing  other foods to you baby aside breast and baby milk. It usually starts from 6 months old. A lot of mothers usually complain of about the difficulty of this with their baby or babies. Some babies

Ire and Seyi ; Love at the Workplace

This week, we’re sharing the story of two doctors; Ire and Seyi who met at the work place. Learn how they have made their marriage work by communicating effectively through their strong bond of love and commitment, despite their tight schedules as medical professionals. 0 201

FAB Man Crush Monday: Tchidi Chikere

Tchidi Chikere is a multiple award winning Nollywood director, producer, actor, script writer and a musician. He was born on 10th October 1975 in Mbaise, Imo State in the south eastern part of Nigeria. He is currently 42 years old. He grew up in Lagos and completed both

Weekend Delight: Asun And Fried Plantain

If you’re familiar with Yoruba food, Asun  is definitely not new to you. It is a smoked meal made out of spicy barbecue goat. It originated from Ondo state and it is a delicacy you would find at most parties, or even beer palours. The best thing about it is how easy to prepare the dish is. To learn

Smoking and Drinking: Raising Kids Do Not Go Hand-In-Hand

 It all started on a sunny afternoon when I came home and told my husband that I did not want him smoking marijuana at our house anymore. I had come to a point in my life were family and addiction did not fit in the same category; I had to choose family or addiction. This immediately

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