How to get and keep a good Partner

Welcome to FAB Singles and Married series that helps you focus on building a good relationship either single or married. Getting a good partner and having a happy and fulfilled  life with the partner can be easy. Sometimes things are not as complicated as it may seem. We will be sharing some practical

Raising Respectable and Responsible Children

Parenting in this 21st century is not kids play... especially if you want to raise good, responsible and respectable children. No wonder a lot of couples especially the mothers have become stay and work at home homes.. This is strategic in order to look after the kids. The influence of technology, modern

Do you know your hair type? Check this out

By Bukola Ladejobi, Founder Ten-Q Natural hair line product. I discovered a lot of us don't know or understand our hair type, hair types are classified based on curl pattern, how right the hair could are. Straight hair is type 1.

  • Wavy hair is classified as a type 2.
  • Wavy hair lies

How To Manage Your Domestic Staff

Who has not had any issues with Domestic Staff? Domestic staff help to ease the stress around the home and provide more time for your family and your work. They are our cooks, maids, cleaners and so on. But having domestic staff can also be counterproductive if they are not well managed.  The management

Tips For Preparing Baby Food

When you realise that your child is ready to switch from maternal milk to solid dishes, you might not need to buy prepared meals in the store, but try to make baby food for your kid yourself. Homemade baby food in Nigeria can be as tasty and beneficial as the store brand and will contain all the nutrients

Ways To Turn Your Great Ideas Into Reality

By Cmor  Ladejobi. Founder, NuWOW a hands on experiential learning educational organisation. I know many people who are full of good ideas. Ideas about what they should be doing in life, ideas on innovation that can change the world and we definitely need. But guess what, it is pretty

How to get the most out of your perfumes

Staying fresh with a pleasant smell as a lot to do with boosting your self confidence. And perfumes play a big role in keeping off bad smell. Using perfumes the right away is important in getting a lasting effect Here a few tip in maximizing the use of your perfume

  1. Rub

Branding and a Successful business

A brand is not just for big businesses or companies.. every business whether small or micro must have a brand and build a strong brand.  What is your Brand identity ? Here are a few pointers in building a strong business brand!

Do fathers get celebrated enough?

Do fathers get celebrated enough? especially when compared with mums? lets get your views in the comment section.

How to stay and feel comfortable

Comfort is a relative term that depicts how you feel ... especially as regards what you are hearing.. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you will be more confident and relaxed. You cannot buy comfort and you can always wear something comfortable everyday from shoes to clothing.. ... Something

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