5 Nigerian songs to listen to this Independence

October 1, 2017

It is Independence Day guys! Happy Independence Day!! To get in that ‘independence’ mood, I thought to share few songs that would remind us of the importance of this period. Enjoy!

  1. Greenland by Ty Bello

This is unarguably the most successful hit from Ty Bello’s debut album “Green land”. The album which was released in 2008 carried a message of love and hope. The track “the land is green” fast became a national chant as it inspired Nigerians to keep hope alive and keep believing in ourselves and our nation.


  1. Great Nation by Timi Dakolo


It’s truly a wonderful song about Nigeria. Released in November 2012, it’s a song that went viral from the first day of release. The lyrics of the song tell us how great we can build this nation together through peace, unity and Justice. According to the public it’s a song that suits a Nation’s Anthem. It’s a heartfelt song for any patriotic citizen.



  1. Motherland by Sound Sultan

Sound Sultan popularly known as ‘Naija Ninja’ dropped a hit song called mother land in 2006, produced by Kennis Music. This song basically talked about our Motherland (Nigeria). The lyric of the song is more of a plea to all Nigerians in diaspora that left Nigeria with the promise of returning home and never did. It further buttressed that however rosy, beautiful and blessed a foreign land may be, home is home and we should always remember that. No one can build Nigeria but Nigerians.



  1. Nigeria Go Survive By Veno Marioghae

Nigeria go survive is one of Veno Marioghae’s greatest compositions, which was released in 1984. This song was released during the military regime when Nigerians called and clamoured for basic amenities of life. The lyrics of the song gave hope in perilous times (tribal, religious and economic crisis) within the country.



  1. One love by Onyeka Onwenu

There is nothing more Nigerian than living in unity. Onyeka sang about love in her fourth album titled ‘One Love’ released in 1986. ‘One love’ is a song that promotes love, unity and oneness amongst Nigerians and this can be deduced from the first line of the chorus – ‘one love keep us together’.


Music is Life. Let’s jam up…Lol.

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