Meet, FAB Young Inspiring Leader Kayode Adegbola

August 4, 2018

Kayode Adegbola is a Lawyer and Entrepreneur. He received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Queen Mary, University of London. He has also attended courses at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He attended All Saints Church School, Ibadan for  Primary school and The Vale College, Ibadan for Secondary School.

After a few years of practice in top Nigerian Law Firms, he Founded Legacy Serviced Offices, a company established to provide fully serviced offices to local and international companies in Nigeria.

Kayode is a keen art collector, and a Trustee of the Rele Arts Foundation. In addition, he is the Secretary of the Governing Council of the Lagos State Employability Support Project, and also sits on the Board of Governors of The Vale College, a private co-educational secondary school in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is the founder of the Kayode Adegbola Enpowerment Fund, established for interventions in education, healthcare, and community development projects, particularly in the Yewa area of Ogun State.

Politically, Kayode is a member of All Progressives Congress (APC). He has volunteered in a number of campaign teams and election petitions, up to the Supreme Court. He is also a member of ForTheFutureNigeria, a political action committee (PAC) committee affiliated to APC.

Do read more about Kayode in this interesting interview. Lets encourage the vision of Not Too Young To Rule and vote for young, energetic, intelligent visionary leaders for a better Nigeria.

What is your passion in life?

I have a few different passions. I love my family and my friends very much. I am also passionate about art and other creative endeavors. Most importantly, I am passionate about helping others as best as I can.

What in general do you think are the qualities of a good political leader?

In terms of qualities of a good leader, I would say kindness/empathy, discipline, as well as responsibility. When I say responsibility, I mean that a leader must know that he is responsible to and for, and accountable to the people that he leads. In politics, a leader is somebody that is sent on an errand by those that he/she leds. So for me, leadership is earned, and in order to maintain leadership, a leader must be responsible.

Why did you decide to participate and go into politics as a young man?

I have always been passionate about politics. In fact, I had been politically active long before I qualified (by age) to run for Office. I was born into a family that regards service to humanity as the highest form of service. So while my throwing my hat into the ring, as in, standing for election, might seem sudden, those who have known me since my teenage years will testify to the fact that I have always been a politician. And we should all be.

What is your vision and plan for the contingency you want to serve?

My vision and plan for my Constituency is essentially around improving the quality of life of my constituents. Of course, as a legislator, I will be contributing to lawmaking for the benefit of Ogun State at large. However, on a more granular level, at home, my key initiatives include interventions in microcredit, health care, and most importantly, education. Lastly, I will revive the old culture of regular town hall meetings, through which I will feel the pulse of my constituents and assess the impact of my initiatives. In politics, you fail if you do only what you think is ideal. Whatever you do must be of benefit to those that one is doing it for.

What is your advice for the youths and young Nigerians?

My advice for young Nigerians is to dwell on the things that bind us together as Nigerians. It is also important for young Nigerians to get involved in the political process. Together, there is a lot that we can achieve.

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