Top Business Ideas For Nigerian Mums

February 4, 2018

Being a working mother in Nigeria, no matter the end of the economic spectrum one sits on, is generally hard and exhausting. The struggle of going to bed late everyday and still having to wake up very early in the morning to get the children and yourself ready can place a strain on you. Whether you work full-time because you love what you do or because you can’t afford not to, the truth is that once you’ve become a working mother in Nigeria, your life will never be the same.

But do you know that some women in Nigeria can have it all? Have a good work life balance and still a good income to help support their spouses or even take care of their families?

Yes they can if they have any of the following jobs;

Top 5 careers for Nigerian mothers

  1. Teaching

When you’re a mother, being a teacher is perfect because it means you share the same holidays as your school-aged children. You will also generally keep the same daily hours, too. Whether you choose preschool, primary, secondary or tertiary education, teaching can be a truly rewarding occupation.

  1. Health and healthcare

Working in healthcare in Nigeria can be a truly worthy and rewarding career option. Whether it be nursing, community development, health education, working for an NGO etc. developing a career in health will ensure you play an active and vital  role in your community and also still have time for your family.

  1. Hair dressing/ Makeup artistry

Since beauty likely won’t ever disappear, there’s always going to be a need for beauticians (hair dressers, makeup artists and more). With the numerous number of owambes, this is indeed a lucrative business. Beauticians can work from home, their client’s homes, take time off when needed, set their own hours and work as much or as little as they’d like. They can also specialize in weddings or other formal events, which typically pay higher rates.

  1. Small business ownership

Are you crafty and have a passion for baking, making jewelry, or blogging? Why not open up your own small business out of the comfort of your own home. If you’re a born cook, a career in catering is an enormously rewarding occupation. Catering on a small or large scale is a viable career for many mothers as the job is often seasonal which offers awesome flexibility and good working conditions.

If you’re a creative type and your ambition is to establish a career as an accessories (beads) or clothes maker, it is best to begin learning these crafts even before you being having children.

There are significant benefits to this career choice is that you can establish your own business and can work flexibly from home. This is an attractive benefit because it offers flexibility for working mums who intend to juggle the demanding role of parenting with their career.

You can also sell your services via social media, advertising and referrals.

Tell Us! Did you think about a change of career after becoming a mother?

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