Yippee! Hey Baby is now available as E book on Amazon, KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)... Paper Back version will be available soon Do you live outside Nigeria? UK, Europe, America, Asia, Canada, Australia etc. ? Now you can get all the information and experience for a Safe, Memorable and pleasurable

HIV after Rape: Have you heard of PEP?

"In Nigeria today, the statistics tells us that one in four girls by the time she ... 18 would have experienced at least one form of sexual assault or Rape This is very alarming and besides working on preventive actions, having the right information

Practical Tips every Family, Parents Must Know

Families can be united, safe and happier if proper things are done especially from the parents. In order to avoid and reduce disputes and family issues.. Here are some practical tips that can help foster and prevent issues : 1. Don't encourage your son and his wife to stay under same roof with you.

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