What No One Tells You about Life After Marriage

Getting married is relatively easy when compared to working on it and making it work. You and the people around you spend a lot of time and effort planning the wedding that seldom do you get any advice or tips on what to expect in the days and years that follow the wedding. Even if you had been in a

Lady surprises her boyfriend with $3,146 in a bouquet 

People are getting more creative and and the ladies are taking bolder steps these days. From ladies proposing to the guys and now lavishing the guys with luxurious and expensive gifts including cash gifts

Weekend Family Recipe: Yam Pepper Soup

 Assorted meat pepper soup appetizer but when we want to have Pepper Soup as a main meal we serve it with a staple food such as boiled white rice or we add yam when preparing the pepper soup. Ingredients for Yam Pepper Soup

  • 1.5kg (3.3 lbs) assorted beef. I used:

How To Maintain A Healthy Financial Relationship With Your Husband

It is not easy to live with a person and share almost everything with him, especially when you are married and living with your husband, you need to adjust and live with a lot of things. There will be a lot of fights in the house and sometimes, you can fight because of financial troubles. Whether you

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