Sex: How big a deal is it to Females By Akinsemoyin Balikis

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  • Taiwo

    although everything you said is right but, in some cases some ladies will desire sex while the guy is expecting a serious relationship . now for a guy to resist having sex with the lady and that’s clearly what the lady desire . she’ll eventually leave the guy. I’m not saying that’s how all ladies do but majority of nowadays ladies desire sex over strong relationship.

  • doubletee

    Meanwhile love is not all about sex,and sex is not about love but some girls think otherwise when they are in relationship with boys who don’t demand for sex.most especially an homosexual girl ,they will start forming. At last she will run awayaway.I reserve my comments

  • Abidoye olayemi

    Nice article

  • Aaron

    A nice piece. So true

  • bukky

    nice piece of work!
    But some people see sex in a way different way from this….
    Having sex in relationships is bonding….or bondage…the more reason you stay clean till marriage….A good man would still ask for sex ….and a good man would decide to stay off till you guys become one. Having sex in a relationship depends on the foundation and decision by both parties……

  • adakole

    Nice write-up

  • adakole

    Nice write-up. Am quite impressed by this.ūüĎć



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