Signs your shampoo is destroying your hair

It's not too late to save your hair from destruction. After a tiring day, nothing is more satisfying than a long, warm shower. You reach for your favorite shampoo and wash away the dirt and grime, leaving you with a refreshed feeling and gorgeous hair. We use hair products to help the body's natural

Parenting! Raising self-confident kids

One of my favourite movies of all time is The Help, an awesome movie in which Aibileen, the main character (a black maid) would often reaffirm a little white girl with the following words: You is Kind You is smart You is Important. The little white girl found solace in her black nanny than in her mom,

Milestones to Watch kids for by age 5

Birth through age five is an exciting time to watch your child grow and learn to do many new things, like smiling, talking, walking and making friends, for the first time. While most children meet developmental milestones around a certain age, some may take longer to reach them. If you ever have any

Magical uses you never knew you could use avocados for

The magic of avocados. We know this yummy green fruit makes is delicious and  can be added to  your morning toast. But avocados can actually be used for a lot more. Here are nine things you never knew you could do with avocados:

  1. Smoothies
I was

Some things that lead to divorce: are you doing any?

Marriage is incredible, but it's also fragile. It takes consistent care and effort to build a lasting relationship of mutual love and respect ... and it's only getting harder as time goes on. Divorce is happening more often, couples are living unhappy lives and for some people, love just seems hopeless.

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