Your husband has these six needs, are you fulfilling them?

Society has so many expectations for husbands. They must be strong yet sensitive, be leaders but not overbearing, be providers (whether physically or emotionally) for their children and allow their wives to be the same, be masculine yet not misogynistic, be driven in their work yet not neglect their

Relationship expectations every woman needs to drop

For as long as you can remember, you've dreamed about your Prince Charming. You even adored all those princess movies that end with a "happily ever after." Of course, your love story would be pretty similar, right? Unfortunately, real-life relationships aren't like the movies. While you might have found

Motherhood! When Do Babies Crawl?

Crawling is one of the first major steps in your child's journey to independence, so it's no surprise so many parents are keen to know “when do babies crawl?” Once she masters crawling, she'll be able to explore the world around her without relying on you to pick her up. You might be keen for her

Angry Wife Applies Chili Pepper In Husband’s Mistress Vagina

Anger can be detrimental in some cases hence the reason why its never encouraged to take a decision when angry.
These photos circulating on Asia social media shows an angry wife

Rapid labour: All you should know

With each pregnancy, labour and birth can be quite different. Some women follow the typical course of labor, while others may experience delays in labor or find it necessary to induce. Still, others experience rapid labor. Although some women see rapid labor as a wonderful benefit, there are some drawbacks

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