I’m cursed, woman with big butt cries out

Really too much of everything is  bad right?  But does it have to be a curse? Having big butt is a trademark for most females, especially at this time when both old and young will do anything to be called Slay Queen or Mama.

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What if you don’t like your child’s friends?

Chances are you are going to dislike at least one of your kid’s friends, sometimes for no good reason, but this is one situation where you have to tread very carefully. How do you deal with it?

  1. Never admit it. That’s the fastest way to make them infinitely more attractive

Tips for Parents Teaching Their Teens How to Drive

The thought of your teen driving is difficult to grasp. You're probably wondering how they grew up so fats. Rather than deny it, though, it’s best to accept and do your best to teach your child sound driving skills. To help with the process, consider the following. 0 120

Couples do not go to bed while angry

Devastated wife warns couples not to go to bed angry after she fought with her husband at night and woke up to find him dead

Beauty Therapist/mother-of-three, Ashley Murrell, has urged couples to not go to bed angry after she fought with her husband and woke up

What and what not should be on social media?

Nigerian physician asks people to advise his daughter who has been crying after experiencing her first menstrual cycle

There is no limit to what people share on social media anymore! What really should go on social media and what should not? As parents, adults

Why you pee frequently at work

There is nothing more annoying at work, or during a social event, than to have to constantly get up to use the bathroom. Not only is it uncomfortable and annoying, it can also be quite embarrassing for some. The good news is that you’re not necessarily stuck with a lifetime of frequent visits to the

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