WOW! Must know facts about babies

September 20, 2017
new born

I’m sure all you think about your babies is that they are adorable little ones who barely know anything. You think they’re not conscious of their environment. While you may be right, here are some facts about your tiny little tots.

new born

Babies are unique

1. They cry, but don’t shed tears

Newborns cry an awful lot, but they can’t shed tears: they don’t have functional tear ducts until they’re between three and twelve weeks old. (They can, however, produce “basal tears,” the nonemotional tears we produce constantly to keep our eyes moist.)

2. They have no kneecaps


If you X-ray a baby’s legs, you likely won’t see anything where the kneecaps should be, or if you do, it’ll just be small, smudgy spots. All bones start off as cartilage, and they harden, or ossify, over time. The lack of kneecaps is a good thing, because the spongy tissue serves to absorb some of the abuse toddlers take during their crawling months and from their frequent falls.

3.They have more bones than adults do

They have about 300, compared to the 206 paltry that adults have. The reason is related to why they lack real kneecaps: some of a baby’s separate bones fuse together into single bones as they ossify in the months and years after birth. Example: the skull starts off as several separate bones that fuse together into one large bone by about the age of two.

4. They’ve drank their own pee

Babies start urinating in the womb just a few months after conception. Where does it go? They drink it! More precisely, the urine mixes with the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby in the uterus. Since a fetus does not need hydration or nutrition in the womb (that comes from mom via the umbilical cord) experts say this serves mostly as practice for swallowing and digestion.


So did you know all this?

I bet your Doctors didn’t tell you all of these. Or did they?

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