Fashion Statement: How to rock a Kimono

August 11, 2017

The kimono is a definite must-have. It’s easy, comfortable and can add the perfect dose of chic to your look. The traditional kimono usually comes in soft fabrics and a big & thick belt that looks quite uncomfortable. But that isn’t the case.

The modern twist on the kimono is quite the opposite. Coming in mostly light fabrics, the new and improved kimono can go from the beach to a casual day without the wardrobe change hassle. We absolutely love this trend and that’s why we are here with a few tips to help you rock the trend well into the days ahead.

  1. Keep your outfit items to a minimum

One way the kimono is proving to be worth buying is its ability to add some spice to your outfit. It comes in a number of lengths, colours, patterns and prints, so your outfit takes on a life of its own. With this kind of addition, you don’t need to do too much underneath so as not to overwhelm your look. You can rock anything from a tank top to a sleeveless jumpsuit under your kimono and still look great. The key is minimalism.


  1. When hitting the beach, a shorter length is best

They come in different lengths, and this can help vary your outfit options for any occasion. But when it comes to hitting the beach, we suggest a short kimono.

As fabulous as this fashion item may seem, the kimono can be overwhelming too. With all that sun, sand and water, the last thing you want is to drag around wet sandy fabric. So keep it short for ease and comfort.

  1. Get creative with colours

Even though kimonos usually come in prints and patterns, that should not be a limitation to what colours or prints you rock it on. You can add a pop of colour and look hot!


  1. For a chic look, the longer the better

We all have different looks we love – so when it comes to pulling off the chic look, it is better to go for length and accents. The wide/long kimono will most likely fall down your shoulders which will give off a layered look; and a long skirt finishes the look. You can also achieve this by adding accessories like a wide-rimmed sun hat for that Indie vibe.

  1. When it comes to jewelry, make a statement

Your kimono isn’t the only thing allowed to stand out. Make an even longer lasting impression with a bold statement necklace or some dainty jewelry that pack a punch to add more fab to your look. The jewelry will balance out your look making your look complete.

  1. Cover up some more with a kimono

You know those times you want to show some skin but not too much? Well, the kimono is great for that. You can use it to reduce the parts of skin shown when rocking a cropped top or short skirt.

How do you rock your own Kimono?

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